12th month on the road | finally a bit around and finally back home in Slovenia

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Guess where I am? Home, in my dear Ljubljana. After making about 50 selfies with our Landy this morning, I´m relaxing in the garden, enjoying a cup of coffee with the sounds of water drops falling down on the grass. Finally. I´m not sure how many days have passed since the last time I was in Slovenia, but it is surely over 5 months. The longest I´ve been away is 9 months, but boy these 5 felt like an eternity. There are moments now when I feel as if it was August 2019, we´ve just returned from our Scandinavian trip and we´re enjoying summer holidays back home, just like every year. Unfortunately, it is already 2020 and I think it´s time to forget about the past months and look forward once again. More about this past year and what happens now is coming up in a new post soon, but first here is a little bit about what we´ve been up to in this 12th (yes, 12th!) month since I´ve left the office.

Well, we´ve been a bit more out and about this month after all. For the grand opening of the post-Covid travel we´ve chosen a weekend getaway to one of my favourite German cities – Hamburg. It was a very spontaneous decision, since I actually really wanted to go camping but the campsites were still closed for tent camping due to sanitary reasons. We´ve been to Hamburg many times before but we still experienced quite a few new things this time and we enjoyed sunny summer weather and great company of our Slovenian friends who also live in Germany. I´ve also finally managed to write a longer post about Hamburg, you can read it by clicking on the picture below.

What to see and do in Hamburg Germany

Besides this weekend in Hamburg, we´ve done a few day trips in our neighbourhood let´s say. I have to admit, I´m not the biggest fan of this area, because it is nothing new and exciting anymore, but I´ve managed to find a few places inside a 100km circle from home that intrigued me and we went to check them out. Celle was a very nice surprise for example, really a lovely town and the second visit to Lüneburg, a charming smaller town not too far from Hamburg, didn´t disappoint as well. There is a new post on the blog about Lüneburg too – read it by clicking the picture below.

Lüneburg Germany what to see and do

As a part of this new freedom of moving around I really wanted to drive up to the Baltic coast and enjoy a few days of sea breeze under the pine trees, but there was always something – either bad weather or the camp sites were full and in the end Lu got sick as well. Luckily not the famous virus, but now we know how the test looks like. And since Friday was a national holiday day in Slovenia we got a visit from home and I returned to Ljubljana with them yesterday evening. Meanwhile Charlie is in France, for the first time since a very long time as well and we´ll soon be reunited here in Slovenia – can´t wait to take the Landy out for a drive. As for the rest of the summer – we have no plans whatsoever and nothing is decided as everything keeps changing but more about this soon in a new post.

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