10th month on the road

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I can hardly believe it, but I guess we are really stepping into May tomorrow. Weirdly, my days have been longer than long this month but then again, at the same time, April just rushed by. According to our initial plans, we should have been somewhere in the Balkans right now, on our way to Greece or maybe even Turkey. We had planned 2 months time for this, we should have been back to Germany around the beginning of June. Instead, we are of course still in Germany. Mostly at home, sticking to the rules. But to be honest there are more and more moments where it´s all getting a bit too much. Definitely lots of mood swings and ups and downs in our house haha. Anyhow, we´re lucky we are allowed to go out, we are also allowed to drive to other places but not to the coast or other tourist spots. Just because it´s a little bit funny, here´s a line I wrote on Jan 27th: “So far 2020 has been good to us. Still under the influence of the not so positive 2019 events, but there is no other way than forward now and we have to keep moving on and don´t look back.” Hah! No comment.

To be honest, I don´t know exactly what we did this month. The dates and days are all a bit blurred up. Basically not much has changed since the end of March though – schools are closed, we´re still not working, we´re getting fatter every day and we possibly drink too much wine on some days. In the mean time, the nature is wide awake, colouring our neighbourhood into yellow-pinky-green shades, which is quite nice actually. Between all the cooking, eating and blog writing, we´ve surely gone out a little bit too. To our town centre, to the park, to the fields around. Realising it is not all that horrible here, but as I always say – pictures are one thing and living here is another thing. It´s a nice collage thought, isn´t it?

I am more than happy to have this blog, I have to mention it here. I´ve been writing like crazy these past weeks and to be honest it feels very good to do so. I guess it is because this is pretty much as good as it gets in terms of doing something intellectual and feeling useful at the moment. I think I´m also starting to miss a real job routine, since we are not travelling. I never had this feeling the past months, but now that we´re stuck at home it really sucks to do “nothing”. Anyhow, I am very happy so many of you are reading this blog, it gives me the much needed motivation to go on. I have posted 8 NEW POSTS THIS MONTH, 6 of them in English and Slovenian and 2 only on Slovenian as they were collaboration posts. So let´s see which ones I´m talking about, maybe you have missed one or two.

I´m very happy for these 2 special posts which were made with a huge help of sother Slovenian travellers. One is about TRAVELLING IN THE TIMES OF QUARANTINE and the other one about BEST DESTINATIONS FOR WILD CAMPING. As I said, they are only in Slovenian, btu you can still brows the pictures for some inspiration by clicking on the pictures below.

Zgodbe in razmišljanja slovenskih popotnikov_ Potovanja v casu epidemije

Najboljše destinacije za divje kampiranje po svetu


And because we are constanly thinking about food right now and also cooking lots, I made a great food post and called it A CULINARY JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD. Because we love ti eat also on our travels I´ve gathered my favourite dishes from different corners of our globe. By the way, are you already following on Instagram? Lately we´re posting lots of food related things too, since we can´t travel. You can follow @placesandnotes and check out the “cooking” highlight. Click on the picture to read this post.

Culinary journey around the world - best food and dishes from different countries

After 9 years of living in Germany I´ve finally posted a post about BEST HIDDEN GEMS 6 SECRET SPOTS IN GERMANY, including over 15 lesser-known places in the country which will surely impress you. It ´s a good read if you haven´t read it yet. Since I feel my time here is Germany is (hopefully) soon running out, I´ve decided to post a bit more about my current homeland, while I´m still here. In this sense, I wrote about the HARZ NATIONAL PARK which is very close to where we live here in Germany. Read both posts by clicking on the pictures.

Best hidden gems and secret spots in Germany

What to see and do in Harz national park in Germany


And for a good dose of TRAVEL INSPIRATION I wrote a cheerful post about THE BEST SPOTS TO SEE BEAUTIFUL SUNRISES IN THE WORLD. From USA to Australia and much in between. Check it out by clicking on the picture below.

World´s best sunrise spots

And since nobody still can´t say for sure where and when we will be able to travel in the summer months (I´m relly hoping far away will be an option, but you know, have to have a plan B these days), I´ve put together 2 POSTS ABOUT NEARBY DESTINATIONS. Now, this was meant more for my Slovenian readers obviously, but possibly the rest of Europe can visit these parts soon again too. One is about KRANJSKA GORA & AROUND, a great mountain area in the Julian Alps, and the other one about WHY WE LOVE CROATIA AND WAHT YOU CAN SEE AND DO THERE. Read them by clicking on the pictures.

what to see and do in Croatia 10đ reasons why we love Croatia

What to see and do in Kranjska Gora and around Slovenia


I prefer not to think about the fact it has actually been the 10th month since I left my job already. I rather keep my fingers crossed we will still get the chance to do some of the things we had plans for this year.  Hopefulyl already in the summer.

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