What to see and do in Kranjska Gora and around Slovenia

KRANJSKA GORA, Slovenia | best hikes, outdoor activities, natural & cultural sights and more


Kranjska Gora. A famous Slovenian family ski resort and a popular place for day trips and weekend getaways, surrounded by Julian alps and Karavanke mountain range. The place where my parents met. The place where I learned to ski. The place where we bought a family holiday apartment many years ago. The place where I spent all the winter holidays and a big part of the summer ones. The place where, as a student, I studied for my exams on a blanket by the once more peaceful Jasna lake. The place where Lu, my first born, spent most of his kindergarten and school holidays while we were still living in Germany. And the place that has been our home since November 2021, when we moved to Slovenia with Mila. We love it here, in our Kranjska Gora. It gets crowded on weekends, but during the week and early in the mornings we have some places all to ourselves. In this extensive article, I share with you over 20 ideas for a weekend or day trip, interesting locations, hikes, activities and our favorite corners in Kranjska Gora and the surrounding area.

Some like to joke that we only have two seasons here in Kranjska Gora. Winter and August. Well, there is some truth in this, so please come prepared for different weather conditions that can quickly change up in the mountains. Also do not forget proper gear and maps if you are headed hiking. You can follow the TIC Kranjska Gora on social media or visit them in the town for more actual information about the weather, road closures, conditions in the mountains, local events and more.


Most of those who visit this area for several days choose Kranjska Gora as their base. Even those who come for just one day often only stay in the town itself. The town is really not all that big but there are still some things to see and do. Take a walk to the MAIN SQUARE IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH, where you can also find stalls with local products and handmade souvenirs. Depending on the season, you can attend an OPEN AIR CONCERT in the evening during the weekends at this place as well. If you are looking for some unique gifts, I recommend visiting Židana marela shop close by and if you need sports clothing or equipment there are several shops int he center as well. You can visit LIZNJEK’S HOUSE from the 18th century, with an ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM. In addition to SKI PISTES, there is also a GOLF COURSE, TENNIS, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL, MOUNTAIN BIKE TRACKS, CYCLING and HIKING TRAILS, SUMMER SLEDDING TRAIL, CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUNDS, WELLNESS & INDOOR POOLS, CASINO and more. For additional activities and sports events, you can also visit DVORANA VITRANC hall, where the TIC Kranjska Gora is also located.


In WINTER TIME Kranjska Gora shines in all of its glory. In addition to ALPINE SKIING & SNOWBOARDING, CROSSCOUNTRY SKIING, HIKING, ICE CLIMBING, ICE SKATING and other winter activities, there is also something for the less sporty ones. I like to say that the magical December atmosphere in Kranjska Gora never ends during the other winter months. At the end of November, the ALPINE VILLAGE comes to life on the main square, and the festively decorated and illuminated wooden houses are there until the end of March. Here you can enjoy mulled wine, hot gin, tea, cocoa, šmorn and more specialities, warm yourself by the open fire, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and attend some of the evening events. St. Nicholaus, scary Parkeljni and Dedek Mraz also come, different PERFORMANCES are organized for children in the Ljudski Dom building, and there are also OUTDOOR CONCERTS on the square on the weekends.



HOW TO GET TO KRANJSKA GORA? If you are coming from Ljubljana on the A2 highway in the direction of the Karavanke tunnel, take the very last exit and turn left towards Kranjska Gora at the first junction. You will drive through the beutiful Zgornjesavska dolina valley as you pass Mojstrana and Gozd Martuljek. If you continue pass Kranjska Gora towards Italy you reach Podkoren and Rateče before the border. There are many apartments, hotels and private rooms in the area, also a few camping grounds and stops for motorhomes. There are no big supermarkets though, so prepare in advance, you can stop in Jesenice on the way.

JASNA LAKE | picnic areas, swimming and other activities by the lake

This is a very well known spot and you absolutely have to visit it, even if you are just stopping by Kranjska Gora on the way someplace else. And yes, despite its ever-growing popularity and large numbers of visitors who flock there on sunny weekends, it’s still one of my favorite spots around here. Because it’s just so beautiful. And because I have a lot of memories of this place. The name JASNA LAKE actually refers to 2 SMALLER ARTIFICIAL LAKES, which were created at the confluence of MALA and VELIKA PIŠNICA river, around which there is a walking path. A few decades ago it was relatively quiet here but now there is a good offer of food and drinks at Jasna Chalet Resort right at the lake, then there is another bar and an ice cream place at the upper lake as well. There is also lots of BENCHES, WOODEN TERRACES, an OBSERVATION TOWER, PIERS and BRIDGES on and around the lake. There are also a few designated PHOTO SPOTS with special structures, vending machines with souvenirs and such, which are honestly a little bit much for my taste but okay. Having your picture taken with the bronze CAPRICORN STATUE which has been there since forever is a must though! Swimming is only for the bravest, as the water is cold, but you can rent a SUP or CANOE to ride on the lake. Oh and please, don’t feed the ducks with bread, instead bring lettuce leaves, it’s much healthier for them.


Lake Jasna is not only popular in summer, it is just as magical in the winter. In recent years one can enjoy a cozy brunch, lunch or dinner in one of the GLASS IGLOOS in front of Jasna Chalet Resort. When the lake is frozen you can also SKATE on it, otherwise it is a popular spot for an easy walk up from Kranjska Gora to catch some of those magnificent mountain views.



HOW TO GET TO JASNA LAKE? Jasna lake is located next to the main road that leads from Kranjska Gora to Vršič pass. You can therefore come by car and park in one of the two paid parking lots, or you can walk – there are actually 4 footpaths to choose from. One leads from Kranjska Gora along the main road on a sidewalk, one takes you along the Pišnica river on the same side as the road, the third one along the Pišnica river on the other side of the river, and the fourth over the hill near the Korona hotel.

PIŠNICA & MALA PIŠNICA VALLEY | a hike along Pišnica river

As already mentioned above, you can walk along the river Pišnica from Kranjska Gora to lake Jasna, the unpaved path starts at the Korona Hotel, and there is also a TRIM TRAIL along this path. Since we are far from the sea over here, this is as close as we get to lounging on a beach and I love coming here with the kids. There are lots of pebbles and sand to play with, it is also a great spot for a picnic. Have in mind there is not much shade and please do not forget to take your trash back home. On the other side of the stream, just below the main road that leads to Jasna lake, there is also an open air SPORTS PARK PIŠNICA.


Those looking for a more adventurous hike can take the UNMARKED PATH THROUGH THE MALA PIŠNICA VALLEY (from Lake Jasna along the Mala Pišnica stream). The latter once existed, but today it is more difficult to cross, especially if you are unsure of the right way. Hiking at your own risk! If you manage to reach SEDLO GRLO, you can continue along the path to SLEMENOVA ŠPICA and VRŠIČ.

Dolina Piščnice Kranjska Gora Slovenia

ZELENCI NATURE RESERVE | Sava Dolinka river spring

This extremely popular (photo) spot in recent years, is easily accessible and really impressive in all seasons. The nature reserve, which is also the source of SAVA DOLINKA river, is visually attractive mainly because of the emerald green color of the lake and impressive mountains at the back. There are several springs which can be seen as bubbles coming out from underground to the surface of the lake. The reserve is also home to many endangered plant and animal species. A shorter WOODEN PATH takes us across the SWAMP AREA, along which there are also two platforms or piers, and for the most beautiful view, climb the WOODEN OBSERVATION TOWER, where you also find a few INFORMATION BOARDS.



Zelenci can be admired in their splendor also in WINTER TIME, because the water never freezes, as its constant temperature is around 6C. Immediately after heavy snowfall, the path might be impassable, and extra caution is required when the path is icy. But if you somehow make it to the end you will be rewarded with the most magnificent winter view.


HOW TO GET TO ZELENCI? Along the main road towards the Italian border, between Podkoren and Rateče, there are a couple of FREE PARKING LOTS. Next to the main paved parking lot there is also a small CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND and a RESTAURANT. From here it is only a 10-minute walk to the spring. Zelenci can also be reached on FOOT, from the CYCLING PATH on the other side of the reserve. Here we have two options, the first one leads us over a wooden bridge to one of the gravel parking lots, from where we continue along the main road to the main asphalt parking lot. The second one leads us from the cycling path to Zelenci through the forest.

PLANICA | ski jumps and nordic center

Ever heard of PLANICA SKI JUMPS? This is one of the most famous and recognizable sites in Slovenia. The beginnings of ski jumping go right to the slopes of Ponca and Planica is one of the most important locations for this sport on a global scale today. Important COMPETITIONS at the children’s and youth ski jumps, the Bloudek giant jump and the Gorišek brothers jump take place here every year and young talents from different parts of the world come to the train here throughout the year. If you are lucky, you can also catch one of the training during the summer season, because all the ski jumps except the biggest one are covered with plastic and are suitable for SUMMER JUMPS. You can visit the NORDIC CENTER every day of the year, various events and performances are organized here, there is also a ZIPLINE available in the summer season, otherwise there is also a MUSEUM, an interesting CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND, a CAFE, a unique indoor SNOW TUNNEL FOR SKIING, WIND TUNNEL and other things.

Every year in March, at the end of the season, the WORLD CUP competition take place in Planica, which attract thousands of fans to the valley. Since this event is traditionally famous for its great atmosphere, many people come to have fun and party besides cheering for their favorite athletes. In 2028, Planica will once again host the FIS SKI FLYING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, which is usually organized every two years.


HOW TO GET TO PLANICA? You can walk to the ski jumps and the Nordic Center in Planica on foot from Rateče, or you can park your vehicle in the CAR PARK (3.80eur per day). If you come with a motorhome or camper, you can also spend the night in Planica at the MOTORHOME PARKING LOT (18eur for 24 hours, it is also possible to buy an annual ticket).

TAMAR VALLEY | a hike from Planica to Tamar valley

The hike to TAMAR was our traditional family activity whenever we visited Kranjska Gora for more than one day, regardless of the season. So I have a lot of nice memories of this place and I love to visit this valley even though it is often crowded. In the main season try to go as early as possible and during the week. After about 1hr walk from the parking lot in Planica, you arrive at the cottage (Dom v Tamarju), which is open every day of the year. Here we usually treat ourselves to štruklji or a more traditional lunch, or we just enjoy drink with a view. If you walk additional 15 minutes uphill you reach NADIŽA WATERFALL. The path is quite steep but the views are rewarding. From Tamar you can also continue hiking to some of the other mountain peaks, for example to VRŠIČ, GRLO and SLEMENOVA ŠPICA. With a stop at the cottage, the hike to Tamar and back takes about 3 hours.


WINTER HIKES TO TAMAR are one of our favorites in this area. Luckily we live just around the corner and have the luxury to be amongst one of the first ones to leave tracks after a heavy snowfall. And the scenery is magical every time. There are TWO PATHS leading tup o Dom v Tamarju mountain hut, the junction is basically at the beginning of the hike. The LEFT PATH is slightly more scenic, the RIGHT PATH leads more through the forest. In winter, the RIGHT PATH is made into a CROSS-COUNTRY SKI TRACK, so all hikers must take the left path in winter. The hike to Tamar is also suitable for children, in winter you can also take SLEDS with you, as the trail is wide enough for downhill. The path is often icy, so it’s best to wear crampons over your hiking shoes on those days. Tamar hike is a particularly popular activity on New Year’s Day, so expect quite a crowd on January 1 and 2.



HOW TO GET TO TAMAR? You can walk up to Tamar on foot from Rateče, or you can park your vehicle in the CARPARK in PLANICA (3.80eur per day). If you come with a motorhome or camper, you can also spend the night in Planica at the MOTORHOME PARKING LOT (18eur for 24 hours, it is also possible to buy an annual ticket). Read more about hiking to Tamar in a separate blog post on the link below.


SKIING IN KRANJSKA GORA | ski slopes in the area in winter and summer time

Kranjska Gora is famous as one of the most popular family ski resorts in our country. There are 18 PISTES from Vitranac to Podkoren and Planica, at altitudes between 800m and 1200m. In PODKOREN there is also a more demanding FIS course (a black piste), on which ski competitions of the World Cup are held annually. All other ones are easier (green and red pistes) and suitable for beginners and children as well. If you’re a good skier, skiing here probably won’t be much of a challenge, but it’s still worth giving it a chance for a day or two. In Kranjska Gora, there is a so-called SNOW BEACH with playgrounds, terraces of restaurants and bars, and training grounds serving ski schools at the foot of the slopes. NIGHT SKIING is also possible on illuminated slopes in Kranjska Gora.


The ski slopes are also interesting during the SUMMER SEASON – with the VITRANC 1 CHAIRLIFT you can climb up to the BEDANČEV DOM hut and enjoy lunch with a wonderful VIEW. From here you can speed down the SUMMER SLEDDING TRACK or try out the MOUNTAINBIKE PARK tracks. From the upper station of the chairlift, you can also continue HIKING to other peaks, for example to VITRANC and CIPRNIK (1745m).


TROMEJA | a hike to Slovenia – Austria – Italy triple border

TROMEJA, PEČ, MONTE FORNO (in Italian) or DREILÄNDERECK or OFEN (in German) is located at 1508 meters above sea level, at the point where the national borders of SLOVENIA, ITALY and AUSTRIA meet. From the top of Tromeja there are wonderful views of the JULIAN & GAILTAL ALPS and KARAVANKE mountain range. You can also see the PLANICA and TAMAR valley on the Slovenian side and the city of VILLACH on the Austrian side. At the top there are several MEMORIALS and benches to rest with a view, but there is no operating mountain hut, so bring some snacks with you. Every second Sunday in September, the traditional MEETING AT TROMEJA takes place, where hundreds of hikers from all three bordering countries gather and celebrate.



HOW TO GET TO TROMEJA? You can park in RATEČE and start hiking along a FOREST GRAVEL ROAD. You can walk on it all the way to the top (it is also possible to go up by bicycle, as well as by car), but you can also cut the hike at one point by turning left onto the STEEP FOREST TRAIL. This one zigzags along the route of the old border between Slovenia and Italy, and it takes just under two hours to reach the top. Access to the vicinity of Tromeja point is also possible from the Austrian side, namely with the ARNOLDSTEIN SKI CHAIRLIFT.

KRNICA VALLEY | a hike from Jasna lake to Krnica valley

Besides Tamar, the hike to the KRNICA VALLEY is one of our favorite ones around here. There are usually a little less visitors here, but the route (if we start at lake Jasna) is a little longer than the one to Tamar. The valley is about 6 kilometers long and starts on the left side of the road behind Jasna lake, on the way to VRŠIČ. The path first leads us along the VELIKA PIŠNICA mountain stream in the direction of the RAZOR mountain, and later on it splits in 2 different ways, a STEEPER PATH THROUGH THE FOREST and a LESS STEEP GRAVEL PATH. If you take the gravel one you can also reach the KOČA V KRNICI MOUNTAIN HUT with a mountain bike. You reach the hut in a little over one hour of walking from the parking by the bridge on Vršiška cesta road. From the hut you can also continue hiking to some of the mountain peaks, for example KRIŽ (2410m), ŠKRLATICA (2740m), ŠPIK (2472m) and PRISOJNIK (2547m).



A hike to Krnica is of course also possible in WINTER TIME, just make sure to check the weather report before you go and take care in case of icy paths. The mountain hut is not opened every day (usually only on the weekends) so please check the opening times in advance or bring enough water and snacks.


HOW TO GET TO KRNICA? There are two options for hiking to Krnica, the LONGER PATH (about 6 km) starts a little further from JASNA LAKE. You can park in the PAYING PARKING LOT by the lake or a little further, in front of the bridge on the road to Vršič. The SHORTER PATH takes you across a beautiful meadow from the parking lot at the turnoff from Vršiška cesta, just before Mihov Dom cottage. After crossing the meadow, the path joins the longer one that leads along the Pišnica riverbed from Lake Jasna, approximately at the junction where you can choose between taking the forest path or the gravel path. Read more about the hike to Krnica in a separate post at the link below.


PERIČNIK WATERFALL | a hike from Mojstrana to Peričnik waterfall

On the way to the VRATA VALLEY from Mojstrana, there is another beautiful natural attraction you should not miss in our area. Once you reach KOČA PRI PERIČNIKU cottage you will already hear the gurgling water of the two waterfalls on your right side. The UPPER WATERFALL is 16m high, and the LOWER WATERFALL is 52m high. The term “Peričnik waterfall” usually refers to the lower, larger waterfall. A STEEPER SHORTER PATH branches off the main path in the vicinity the above-mentioned cottage and you reach the lower waterfall in just about 10 minutes of hiking. In Springtime there is usually a lot of water so I recommend bringing waterproof clothes, besides good hiking shoes. It is also possible to walk behind the waterfall, but be careful as the path may be slippery and is not secured with a fence.


Peričnik waterfall is mostly ACCESSIBLE ALSO IN WINTER TIME but make sure to check the current weather conditions and possible closures before leaving and come with good hiking shoes and other necessary winter equipment. When the temperatures are sufficiently low, the WATERFALL FREEZES and turns into a PILE OF HUGE ICE CANDLES, which make up a unique scene.

Slap Peričnik waterfall Slovenia Kanjska Gora Mojstrana

HOW TO GET TO PERIČNIK? In Mojstrana, follow the signs for DOLINA VRATA and take the Triglavska cesta road to KOČA PRI PERIČNIKU mountain hut, where there is a PARKING LOT (fees apply). Since it is often quite crowded here, and the road is not always plowed in winter, we can also park in MOJSTRANA. From Mojstrana, we can walk either along the main road or along the FOREST PATH, which goes on the left of the road, to the above mentioned hut where the ascent to the waterfall begins. A FREE SHUTTLE also runs to that parking lot from Mojstrana during the summer season and I highly recommend to take this option.

VRATA VALLEY | a hike to Vrata valley from Mojstrana

This beautiful GLACIER VALLEY, which stretches from MOJSTRANA all the way to the foot of the mighty TRIGLAV NORTHERN WALL, is an excellent starting point for further hikes up to KRIŠKI PODI (2050m), STENAR (2501m), ŠKRLATICA (2740m), BIVAK II (2118m) and also tto he highest Slovenian mountain, TRIGLAV (2864m). But visiting this valley is interesting even if you are not planing to hike one of the above. Instead, you can enjoy a simpler hike through the valley along the TRIGLAVSKA BISTRICA PATH („Pot Triglavske Bistrice“). This one takes you from the SLOVENIAN ALPINE MUSEUM in Mojstrana, past PERIČNIK WATERFALL to ALJAŽEV DOM V VRATIH mountain cottage. You can also sleep over here or just enjoy a typical mountain food meal. A little furtther on you reach the fmaous MONUMENT IN THE SHAPE OF A HUGE CLIMBING WEDGE – it is a monument to the Fallen Partisan Mountaineers. Triglavska Bistrica path is also interesting because of the many ROCK OVERHANGS.


HOW TO GET TO DOLINA VRATA You can drive up to the PARKING NEAR ALJAŽEV DOM, you can also leave your car at KOČA PRI PERIČNIKU, you can walk or take the seasonal free shuttle from Mojstrana. It does get quite busy in the summer season so the shuttle is a good option.


THE SLOVENIAN ALPINE MUSEUM IN MOJSTRANA is truly nicely made, with a PERMANENT EXHIBITION on the upper floor, a small SHOP on the ground floor and TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS in the basement. The permanent exhibition takes us from the very beginnings of alpinism and hiking to the latest achievements of recent years. This museum is also interesting FOR CHILDREN, they are especially attracted by the interactive boards, a BIVOUAC WITH STORM SIMULATION and a place where they can build towers with stones. A visit to the museum is a great choice on a rainy day, but I highly recommend it even in good weather. Museum is also a good starting point for some of the hikes in Vrata valley.


VRŠIČ MOUNTAIN PASS  | a drive over Vršič pass from Gorenjska to Trenta with stops

THE ROAD OVER VRŠIČ PASS (1611m) was built for the needs of the army during World War I. so it is also called the RUSSIAN ROAD, in memory of the Russian prisoners who built it. In winter, this road is usually closed due to snow, but in summer it is a very popular connection between Gorenjska and Trenta regions. We love coming up here in Autumn though, when the larch trees turn their color into orange and there is less people on the road as well. A total of 50 SERPENTINES await you on both sides of the pass, and there are many interesting stops along the way, for example the wooden RUSSIAN CHAPEL, the JULIJANA ALPINE BOTANICAL GARDEN, the KUGY MONUMENT and other.



You can also use the pass as a starting point for hiking to some of the surrounding mountains, e.g. MALA MOJSTROVKA (2332m), VELIKA MOJSTROVKA (2366m), PLANJA (2453m), PRISOJNIK (2547m), RAZOR (2601m), SITNA GLAVA (2087m), SLEMENOVA ŠPICA (1911m), SOVNA GLAVA (1750m), SUHI VRH (2109m) or you can visit one of the huts which also offer hot meals and drinks – ERJAVČEVA KOČA (1515m), TIČARJEV DOM (1620m), KOČA NA GOZDU (1226m) or POŠTARSKI DOM (1725m).


TONKINA KOČA – VRŠIČ | easier hike to Vršič pass from Gorenjska side

Of course, you can get to the top of the VRŠIČ PASS by car or bicycle, but you can also walk up to POŠTARJEV DOM or TIČARJEV DOM mountain huts on top of the pass on this lovely lesser-known trail. You can start already at Jasna lake, but you can shorten the hike by starting at MIHOV DOM, KOČA NA GOZDU or TONKINA KOČA mountain cottages along the Vršič road. We usually start at Tonkina koča. It takes about an hour to walk from here to the top, the path is not difficult and is also suitable for children. This hike is also possible in WINTER TIME, when there is not much snow, just be careful in case of icy trails. It is really beautiful in autumn due to the colors of the trees.



CYCLING PATH JESENICE – ITALY | cycling from Jesenice to Rateče and further in Italy

THE LONGEST CYCLING ROUTE IN GORENJSKA REGION has the official designation D-2, and it runs along the former route of the railway line, FROM JESENICE TO THE BORDER CROSSING AT RATEČE. After almost 30 kilometers on the Slovenian side, you can also continue cycling on the Italian side in the direction of TARVISIO and PONTEBBA, with a detour to the beautiful FUSINE LAKES. The most beautiful section starts at Mojstrana, in the direction of Rateče. Along the way there are a whole bunch of STOPS where you can refresh yourselves with drinks or have some food, some of these stops also have children’s playgrounds. We usually stop at the following ones: NA PASTAJ’ in Gozd Martuljek, KOSOBRIN in Kranjska Gora and KAREN’C in Podkoren. Most of the cycling path goes through the forest and between meadows, only occasionally we find ourselves right next to the main road. It can get very busy during the weekends and during the summer season so please be careful and respect the rules. The best is to go during the week and early in the morning or in the evening. There are many BICYCLE RENTALS shops in Kranjska Gora, with a large selection of different bicycles, also electrical ones and the ones for the kids.


The route is primarily intended for cyclists, but you can of course also go on foot. Especially on weekends and during the main summer season, be careful of cyclists, and everyone on bikes should follow the traffic signs at intersections, as you don’t always have the right of way. Since we have a cycling track practically in front of our current home, we have already seen a couple of accidents with our own eyes. On foot (as well as with sleds) it is especially nice and peaceful in WINTER TIME, just after snowfall.


CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING | cross-country skiing trails in the area

In recent years, we have become more and more enthusiastic about cross-country skiing, as it seems to be an ideal form of recreation in nature, plus the daily or season tickets are much more affordable than ski tickets and we have the tracks just a few hundred meters from our home in Rateče. Mila also tried at just over two years old. In the winter season, the municipality of Kranjska Gora offers quite a few groomed tracks, with different difficulties. You can visit PLANICA NORDIC CENTER, which even offers an indoor hall for cross-country skiing throughout the entire calendar year. You can also run FROM PLANICA TO TAMAR, the track is made on the right-hand path to the top, but be careful, there is about a 260m height difference so this one might not be easy for everyone. In RATEČE, the CONFINE CROSS-COUNTRY SKI CENTER offers groomed tracks, equipment rental and courses with instructors as well, there is a nice bar on top of that. In KRANJSKA GORA, the tracks are made on the meadows close to Kompas Hotel, and if there is enough snow, cross-country skiing is also possible in GOZD MARTULJEK, MOJSTRANA and ZGORNJA RADOVNA.


BRUNARICA PRI INGOTU | easier hike from Gozd Martuljek to Jasenje pasture

This idyllic wooden mountain cottage located at JASENJE PASTURE, surrounded by the mountains of the Špik Group, is usually ONLY OPENED ON WEEKENDS (check in advance, it can open for closed groups by arrangement), and is interesting not only for hikers but also for all CULINARY ENTHUSIASTS. Here you will find delicious stews cooked OVER AN OPEN FIRE, home-made desserts, teas and juices. The FINŽGAR CHAPEL is also located near the mountain hut. From here you can also go further to UPPER MARTULJEK WATERFALL (1hr walk), BIVAK POD ŠPIKOM (90min walk), BIVAK ZA AKOM (90min walk) and elsewhere.

HOW TO GET TO BRUNARICA PRI INGOTU? 2 HIKING TRAILS lead from Gozd Martuljka. THE FIRST ONE leads past the beautiful LOWER MARTULJEK WATERFALL, through a charming gorge. This path is definitely more visually appealing, you just have to watch your step a little, especially when there is a lot of water and the floor is slippery. THE SECOND ONE takes us on a wider FOREST PATH, leading up to the cottage on the other side on the waterfalls. It is also possible to use this one if you wish to come up with a mountain bike. Both routes take about one hour. There is also A THIRD ROUTE, namely from Jasna lake in Kranjka Gora, across the so called TOFOV GRABEN, this one takes a little bit over 2 hours of walking.

MARTULJEK WATERFALLS | hiking to waterfalls from Gozd Martuljek

2 WONDERFUL FALLS, known under the collective name MARTULJEK WATERFALLS (Martuljški slapovi in Slovene), are hidden under the mighty Špik or Martuljek mountains group. Actually, I don’t know why we don’t go there more often, because it’s really really nice, especially in the springtime when there’s a lot of water. An easier path leads to the LOWER WATERFALL, which falls over a 50m high wall, along the charming narrow MARTULJEK GORGE. We walk for about 30 min to the viewpoint on the bridge near the waterfall. A helmet is officially recommended for the hike, and good footwear is essential, as the path often gets wet and slippery due to the water. From here we can go further to the UPPER WATERFALL, which falls over a 110 m high wall, but getting to the immediate vicinity of the waterfall is a bit more challenging and not for everyone. On the way between the two waterfalls, we can also stop at PLANINA JASENJE and treat ourselves to something delicious at BRUNARICA PRI INGOTU mountain hut mentioned above. Please check upfront if the cottage is opened.



HOW TO GET TO MARTULJEK WATERFALLS? You can park in Gozd Martuljek, at the Triangel hotel or somewhere else near the bridge over the Sava Dolinka river. After that, we first walk along the cycling path in the direction of Kranjska Gora, from which we soon turn off onto a gravel road and reach the Triglav National Park area. A little further we turn left again and descend into the Martuljek gorge. Everything is well signposted, so pay attention to the signs.

SNOWSHOEING | snow shoe hiking in Kranjska Gora and around

Ever tried snowshoeing? This is yet another great outdoor activity during wintertime and we absolutely love it and also have our own snowshoes. Hiking in the snow-covered landscape right after a large amount of snow falls is really something special. Everything is so peaceful and quiet, it’s really recreation for the soul. All you need are SNOWSHOES, a special flat oval footwear for walking in deep snow, which we put on right over your winter boots. If you don’t have your own, you can also borrow them from some sports equipment rental providers. There are no special hiking trails for snowshoeing, and that’s exactly what these hikes are all about, everyone can discover the charms of nature in their own way. We prefer to go over “our home hill” to Lake Jasna. Alternatively, you can join one of the ORGANIZED TRIPS starting in Kranjska Gora, which take you snowshoeing even after dark.


SLEDDING | fun for the kids and the whole family

In the winter season, we always have sleds in the trunk of our car, as there are quite a few possibilities for more or less adrenaline-filled sledding in Kranjska Gora and the surrounding area. Most of the time, we go down the currently non-operating SKI SLOPE IN GOZD MARTULJEK, on one part of the ski slopes in KRANJSKA GORA, on the Brsnina ski slope when it is not in operation, on the way back from the TAMAR or KRNICA valleys, or we pull the children along the CYCLING PATH when there is enough snow. Alternatively, you can also take part in an ORGANIZED SLEDDING TRIP, where you will be brought to the top of the 2,500m long track in Gozd Martuljek by snowmobile or SUV. The descent is also possible at night, as the track is illuminated.


LAKE LEDINE | intermittent lake between Rateče and Planica

At the entrance to the PLANICA VALLEY, near Rateče, there is an interesting intermittent LAKE LEDINE, which often dries up in the summer and turns into a blooming meadow, but in the spring and autumn, it fills with water after heavy rainfall. The CYCLING PATH runs nearby, and there is also a parking lot with toilets along the main road.


The lake got its name after ice as the ice from this place used to be transported and sold to other places for different purposes. In winter, the lake often freezes due to very low temperatures, and the thickness of the ice is usually ideal for ICE SKATING.



VIEWPOINT IN PODKOREN | info and viewpoint from Korensko sedlo road to Austria

If you drive from Podkoren on the main road over KORENSKO SEDLO (Wurzenpass) in the direction of the border crossing with Austria, there is a a beautiful LOOKOUT POINT with INFORMATION BOARDS and picnic areas after a few bends on the left side of the road.

podkoren viewpoint Kranjska gora what to see and do kaj početi v Kranjski Gori

MLAČCA GORGE | ice kingdom and ice climbing

In MOJSTRANA, on a meadow in front of the MLAČCA GORGE, the so-called ICE KINGDOM, a magical ice village with a fairy-tale path is built from scratch every year once the real winter arrives and temperatures drop. Since it is built anew every year, it also looks a little different every year and it is always a fun place to visit with your children as well. It is especially interesting in the evening, when the lights and torches glow. The parking lot is free, but there is entry fee. Make sure to check the opening dates and hours before arrival.


The approximately 200m long and 45m wide gorge is also known for ICE CLIMBING on THREE ICE WATERFALLS, which are 15 to 30m wide and 30 to 40m high. If you are already experienced, you can climb on your own and all beginners can take part in a course with a guide or instructor. Professionals also train here, and important competitions are organized as well. If you are not keen to try it out, you can stay at the bottom and just watch how the other ones do it from a safe distance.

What do you say, have we found a nice part of Slovenia to call our home, or what? It seems to us that it would be difficult to choose better! In addition to all the mentioned locations and activities, there are a few beautiful spots left unmentioned, and this article is being updated every once in a while.


20 ideas and activities Things to see and do in Kranjska Gora and around, Slovenia

Things to see and do 20 ideas and activities in Kranjska Gora and around Slovenia

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  1. Runaway Ann

    Wow that place is so beautiful ! I love mountains and I definatelly need to plan to visit Kranjska Gora and Slovenia 🙂 well done putting that all together. It is very usefull 🙂

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  2. Lina

    Slovenia’s nature looks absolutely breathtaking! I’ve only been once in this country – only to Ljubljana and Lake Bled (looooved it!). I really want to see more of it 🙂

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      Hey Lina, you definitely should, especially since you live not so far away 🙂 So many great things to see and do and everything is very close so easy to see a lot in a short time 🙂

  3. Jamie

    Slovenia is such an amazingly beautiful country and I’ve loved visiting it in the past. I’ve not been to Kranjska Gora before but it’s very much now on my radar. I love quaint towns and a good hike so this is a perfect guide!

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      Hi Jamie, sounds like Kranjska Gora might be a great place for your next visit! Happy to see you found this post useful 🙂

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  4. Sarah

    What a gorgeous place! Looks like there are endless things to see and do. Slovenia is high on my places to get to. Can’t wait to come here and experience all it has to offer!

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      Thank you so much Daniella! It truly is a wonderful country with so much to see and do in a relatively small space, I hope you can visit one day and see it for yourself 🙂

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