9th month on the road | Springtime blues & plans fallen apart

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It is not easy to write these lines. But life is not always a fun ride and we all need to look and move forward. I ask myself where did March go and I have no answer to that. We´ve been hanging out in our German apartment for half of February and were basically waiting for Spring to start so that we could continue with our travelling adventures. We should have been skiing in Switzerland at the moment, but instead we´re still stuck in Germany. This is probably also the place we will still be at while we should have started our Balkan overland trip in about 2 weeks. Instead we´ll have more Netflix to watch, more food to cook and more books to read. I know I know, we´re not the only ones and we´re all in the same shit. All of our plans have fallen apart. One way or the other. We of course also understand we have no other choice right now and the most important thing is to stay healthy. But still, I did have some difficulties to accept this new arrangement.

The unlucky 2020 is also a very weird for for all of us, who have chosen it for a year of travelling. Some of us are now either stuck at home with no income or stuck somewhere on the way. I really can´t say how our next months are going to look like and to be honest I´m fed up with planning. So many things have not gone as planned in the last months that I´m starting to think it´s better not to plan anything in order to avoid disappointment in the end. Anyhow, there are also some positive things about this spending time at home.

I´d trade them for my plans to come true in a second, but still here are a few. I read a book. We cleaned our apartment. We scrubbed the bathroom. We are cooking and eating like kings every day. Btw anyone else gotten fat in the last weeks as well? I´ve used the sewing machine after a long time and made five new bags, wallets and passport holders. I´ve arranged my pictures on the computer and made a back up of all the files. Especially proud of the last action haha. I also realised, again, how meaningless all the material things are to me, so I am even more determined now to invest my time and money into experiences and non-material things. I also realised it´s not important how many times we have a fight, but how many times we kiss and make up. And I cherish the freedom of deciding where, how and when I can move around the world even more now.

Because I had so much time, I´ve also written a bunch of new posts and finally finished some of the unfinished ones.

I´m so happy I managed to do A GREAT COLLAB POST about SINGLE MOMS TRAVELLING WITH THEIR KIDS. This is a very special topic for me. For this post I found 11 Slovenian single moms and did interviews with them. I have not translated it into English, so you cannot read it yet. I´ve also written 2 POSTS ON THIS EPIDEMIC TOPIC. Not very scientific ones obviously, Im no doctor or specialist in this field. I´ve written one about 20 THINGS TO DO WHILE AT HOME. These might be good ideas also for spending time at home on the weekends once this gets back to normal. The other one was a more sarcastic one. Written straight from the heart, over a glass of wine I believe. And I decided not to translate it to English. To read the first one click on the picture and it will open in a new tab.

20 ideas what to do Holidays at home epidemic Coronavirus

Besides those, I also finished 3 older posts. One about our 4 days winter holiday in the GERMAN BAVARIAN FOREST NATIONAL PARK, one about our short road trip in northern Germany (SCHWERIN & BALTIC COAST) and one about our last year´s camping trip to the GERMAN NATIONAL PARK KELLERWALD – EDERSEE & KASSEL. Click on these post covers and read more about it.

Bavarian forest national park Bodenmais Großer Arber

Schwerin and Baltic coast road trip Germany what to see and do

Kellerwald Edersee national park Germany what to see and do


When we still weren´t aware of how things are going to get, I also did a wonderful INTERVIEW FOR A GREAT SLOVENIAN TRAVEL MAGAZINE. I´m actually really happy and grateful for it. Here´s a preview of how it looks, but the 8 pages are only on Slovenian.

What to say more, I´m happy March is almost over. I´m gonna write something similar at the end of April probably, but I´m still positive about May – I hope we can all go on a short trip in May. Somewhere. Anywhere. Until then, stay healthy and strong, physically and mentally.

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