8th month on the road | flu and other inconveniences

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As the title already implifies, this will not be too much of a jolly post. If January pretty much ran by, February is as slow as the slowest snail and honestly, I can´t wait for it to be over. It started quite positive though, at the forelast January day we spontaneously decided to bring our Defender to the technical exam and guess what? We passed! Yay, we were so relieved. So the day after we drove off in the direction of Slovenia, with stops in Czech Republic and Austria. As soon as we crossed the border between Germany and Czech Republic we were greeted with snow and we spend a wonderful day aimlessly wondering the streets of Karlovy Vary, a fmaous Czech spa town I was wanting to visit for a very long time now. If you wish to read a full blog post about what you can see & do in Karlovy Vary click the button below the picture.

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Since we were kind of passing by, we finally got to visit our Slovenian friends who live in Graz, Austria. Despite being rather short, it was still a lovely visit. Back in Slovenia, we were enjoying the culinary scene and hanging out with my friends again, while waiting for our French visit to arrive. Well, that didn´t last long though. Somewhere, who knows where, I cought the flu. The normal one, that is., not the Corona one. Still, it hit me pretty hard. And obviously the virus liked me, so it stayed for around 2 weeks. Pretty much the whole time we were in Slovenia. So I had more or less a crappy holiday with most of the days spent in my childhood room at my parents house, while my mom was making tea and bringing me medicine. I did manage to spend a couple of days out in the sun woth our French visit eventually. So, here are a few impressions of our February visit to Slovenia.

Just when I was starting to feel better, it was time to drive back to Germany though. And this is where we are now. Pretty much stuck in my 55m² apartment all day long, since a couple of weeks. And we still didn´t kill each other! No, that´s an achievement, isn´t it? Not that someone thinks we bought half of the local supermarket store and we sit around the apartment wearing face masks. Nooo, it´s because we are secretly starting something new and we´ll telly you more about it soon. We´re quite busy actually, on top of this new project I´m focusing on the blog and been updating it a bit. But new content and blog posts are being written too, so even if it has been a bit quieter over here lately, more is coming soon, don´t worry.

Oh and by the way, did I tell you already we bought our plane tickets for Africa? Yes! We´re taking Lu on his very first safari in August, to Kenya and Tanzania. But it´s still a long way until August. First, we need to see if we can manage to go skiing at the end of Mach to Switzerland – we have flights booked to Milan where we are being picked up and we drive together to Saas Fe with my family from Slovenia. Well, that´s the plan at least, if Lufthansa doesn´t cancel our flights to Milan due to Coronavirus. Until then, we need to also plan our upcoming overland adventures too! And keeping our fingers crossed for a healthier March :).


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