4th month on the road | a bit here a bit there

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This month, we were really a bit here and a bit there. A bit in Slovenia, a bit in France and a bit in Germany. Hopping Europe might sound like fun (and it mostly is) but it also requires loads of time organising everything, searching for best connections, booking places to sleep at, finding plane tickets, studying maps and so on and so on. I´m really becoming an expert. You can wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me something like “how much does a plane ticket from Paris to Venice cost, or what is the best area in Munich to sleep at” and I will know it. You get the picture. So what did we do this month and what is coming up?

We stepped into October by flying from Ljubljana to Berlin, spending just 2 nights in our neglected German home, (picking up Lu and sorting out mail and other stuff) and flying to France on the 3rd of October. 3rd of October is a national holiday in Germany and therefore everybody is going somewhere – never taking a train on this date ever again. The horrible train trip was soon forgotten though and we happily reached Ile de Re, or Charlie´s island – thats how I like to call it for fun, cause it sounds kind of fancy. We haven´t been there since May and it was only Lukas second time, so we were really looking forward to it. This time the visit was even more special, since we had a big Slovenian – French family reunion. Read more about Ile de Re by clicking on the button under the picture.

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But school holidays were long not over so we drove from Ile de Re to Slovenia and made an overnight stop at Lyon due to the very long distance. We really enjoyed the city and if I were still a student, I would have loved to spend a semester here. Click the button under the picture to read more about it.

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October in Slovenia is just beautiful. The nature is turning colours, we ate, we drank, we visited family (as always when Lu is here), we did some day trips and puff, the week went by very fast. Lu and me drove the over 1000km back to Germany with my car, just the two of us. In the past 9 years I have driven this road so often that it is really boring already, but sometimes the flights are just too expensive. At least Lu is used to driving ever since he was little and he never complaints about spending tens of hours in cars.

And now? First, we are off to Brazil for 3 weeks! The winter will just have to wait a little bit more. Lu is a bit unhappy to stay in Germany, but his school is very strict so there is no way he could come this time. Promised to bring him an Oscar soccer shirt and yellow Havaianas, which made him feel a bit better. We are leaving tomorrow so last time to pack now – make sure you follow our posts and pictures o  Facebook page and Instragram profile. When we come back we´re also visiting Istanbul for 4 days and then we are off to Slovenia. So more of hopping Europe to come!

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