2nd month on the road | back home for the summer after a long time

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The second month was a true opposite of the first one. Well, almost. We drove much lesser and rested much more. But not exactly on our free will. Plans fall apart sometimes, we are forced to change or postpone them for various reasons. We´ve had some medical issues the past weeks. Nothing to be worried about, but serious enough to prevent us from going on a trip right now. It wil take a while before we get better and are fit enough to drive. Here is more about that.

How are we doing? So-so. We´ve been lazy in Piran, Slovenia for about a week now. It´s not a bad thing. And it´s a great place. Summer is still here, it is hot and it definitely has that holiday vibe. We eat lots, read books ad watch movies. I have time to write and take care of the blog. And if I don´t feel like it, I just go to the beach. Or for a walk. It is actually a privilege. A privilege of not having to do something. It´s a luxury. But a luxury not all of us can appreciate or deal with. I seriously get anxious if I do absolutely nothing for days. Definitely have to work on that. Anyone else this way?

The best moment of this month?

Enjoying the Croatian coastline on the island Pag. That true summer holiday with the family which we do almost every year since I have Lu. It is nice. We are al together, we chat, we eat, we drink. We swim, we get tanned, we read books and laugh. Ok sometimes we also fight (we are a normal family for the record), but this time not really. And again it has been confirmed that Croatian sea is simply one of the best in my eyes. Love coming back here.

And the worst one?

Urgh, when it became clear to me that the whole medical situation is that serious that we have to cancel our Balkan trip down to Greece. Because as much as I love to plan and dream about places, as much I hate it when it doesn´t happen. I admit it, it is hard for me to stay positive in that first moments and it takes some time to convince myself everything will be fine. Greece is not vanishing from the face of the earth and we will most probably be able to go there in the Spring. Still, it was not a nice feeling knowing we finally have lal the time in the world to go wherever we want, but we can´t. But, I have had many “plans” that went wrong so maybe it really is better to just be spontaneous? Well, I´ll tyr to find a middle way. The main focus is to get healthy and get better right now. And there is a plus side to all of this too. Look at me being positive haha. We get to spend much more time in Slovenia. My home country. This is something I complained about for basically the whole 8 years since I moved out. Now, I get to be here and just enjoy it all, even if that was not the plan.

What now?

Well, in the mean time, we did make a new plan. Landy is resting. Poor thing needs a name finaly. We have to fix a few things and buy a couple of accessories, but right now there is no rush at all. It looks like we will not be doing a longer road trip at least until December. But we will also not just sit around here forever. So we bought a couple of plane tickets. To Brazil! 3 weeks, at the end of October. Kind of a compensation for Greece. Before that we will also be picking Lu from Germany and we´ll visit family & friends in France. And until then, we will do our best to enjoy Slovenia and get some rest. Fingers crossed 🙂

That´s it, 2nd month without a regular job, woohoo! I really don´t miss it yet, but the moment of weakness might come. What I learned this month is that it is OK if things don´t go as planned. And the whole art of getting along with it & accept it is very important. As always, you can follow more stories, pictures and posts about upcoming adventureas on the Facebook page and Instragram profile.

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