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New year! The crazy party until the morning hours from not yet a month ago is already forgotten, January ran by with lightning speed. A lot has happened this month, even though we spent quite a lot of time in our German home. So far 2020 has been good to us. Still under the influence of the not so positive 2019 events, but there is no other way than forward now and we have to keep moving on and don´t look back. Okay in this post we look back one more time, it was already our 7th month since I left my job at the office. After the holidays at the start of a new year many people make new resolutions or simply start over. We´ve also made some decisions, but more about them in a new post. Soon. Also, these days this blog as it is is having its 1st birthday! It was one year ago when I started blogging again after a very long break. Came back with a new name, new design and new energy. Thank you all for reading!

After the holidays back home in Slovenia (German schols have holidays ´till around 7th of Jan yaaay, so we stayed 2 weeks this time) we took the train back to Germany and made an overnight stop in Munich. It was good to be back in Munich and walk around Mariahilfplatz, I didn´t visit it for quite some time now. Anyhow, we didn´t stay long in Germany as we flew to Dublin to celebrate my birthday. By the way, anyone else has birthday shortly after the holidays? It sucks right, nobody is in the mood to party, everybody is out of money and what´s up with all that dry January crap haha? It was our first time in Ireland and we loved it! We we surely be back, maybe even ship our Landy over some day. If somebody needs a bit of inspiration or is searching for an idea of a weekend getaway click on the button below the picture for a full post on Dublin.

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Back “home” in Germany (still doesn´t feel like home) we had one more important task to do. Our Leni the Landy had to go to the technical exam this month. And since it is officially registered as a 9-seater we had 2 options. Option A was to leave it as it is and re-register it as a 3-seater & change all the papers or B, take everything out and fix the seats & seatbelts back in. We opt for option B, because we wanted to keep the 9-seater on the papers and it was a good chance to clean everything too. So off we were, to work. Well, to be honest Charlie did most of the actual physical work, but every construction site needs a supervisor, doesn´t it? Trust me I´m an architect, I know what I´m saying haha. So, “we” took out all the wooden furniture, the fridge, water tanks, electrical plugs, cables, second battery, solar panel and so on.

Anyhow, while you are reading this we are somewhere in Czech Republic, driving around with a clean 9-seater car and we are on the way to Slovenia. We are looking forward to a visit from France. Since we have time we´ll stop in Karlovy Vary and visit our friends in Graz, Austria on the way first. Also, when we put all the equipment back inside next month we will finally be posting a long description with lots of pictures as we go. Off for a cheap Czech beer now :).

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