5th month on the road | tropical palm trees, baklavas and Christmas fireworks

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Weird combo, right? Well, but this is pretty much how our last month looked like. I can hardly believe it has already been 5 months, since my last day at work, this is a bit scary. Anyhow, a good portion of this month we were sunbathing in Brazil, under the tropical palm trees, then we got fat on sweets in Istanbul and we spent the last November day visiting Zagreb, Croatian capial city, to see the opening of their Christmas markets and unexpectedly also witnessed massive fireworks.

In between we also spent some time in Germany as well as in Slovenia, so we actually visited 5 countries in 3 different time zones this month. Not so bad. Brazil was great. It was peaceful and we really travelled slow. Got loads of vitamin D in the 3 weeks as well. Slightly under pressure as the new year is approaching though. Changes are to come sooner or later, we´ll see what they will bring but in any case everything is better than being stuck in between not knowing. But enough of my personal issues, I´m beginning to sound like a horoscope haha. Back to travel – I´ve already posted a long post with lots of pics from Brazil, you can read it by clicking the button below the picture.

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And because Adria, Slovenian national airline, went down indefinetly, Lufthansa is too expensive and Easyjet only flies 3x a week from Berlin to Ljubljana, we chose to fly with Turkish Airlines from Hanover via Istanbul to Slovenia. And since we anyway had to switch planes in Istanbul, we decided to stay a while. 4 days actualy. The departure was highly endareged though as I fell down the stairs the evening before the flight. But we made it. Slowly, but we made it haha. This has not been the best year in terms of health, that´s for sure. Anyhow, Istanbul was great and we are keen on seeing more of Turkey. Who knows, maybe already soon. A longer post about my TOP 25 things to see, do and experience in Istanbul will open if you click the button below the picture.

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After just 2 days back in Ljubljana, we went for a little trip again. To Zagreb! With the train! My first. A return ticket from Ljubljana was just 14€ per person (it is 2,5hrs ride each way), because we were 4 and we got a group discount. Otherwise the normal price is 9€ per person one way. This is a fun thing to do while in Ljubljana, especially with friends. And we went on the exact first day of the openning of their Christmas markets. And what a show it was. No wonder it was voted the best European Christmas market for 3 times already. Read more about it by clicking the button below the picture.

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Now what? We are finally doing a road trip with our Defender! We missed him a bit. And he had a good rest while we were gone, now it´s time to take him for a ride. He needs a technical exam though (fingers crossed we get all the papers), so we must bring him to Germany. And because we have time, we are not driving the usual highway route, but through Italy and Austria and depending on the weather possibly doing the German Romantic route as well. The plan was to do a skiing road trip, but I´m still not sure I can actually ski with my still bruised knees. Just before Christmas we return to Slovenia, with Lu, yay. Holidays at home, all together. As always, make sure to follow new pics and stories on Facebook and Instragram pages.

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