Schwerin and Baltic coast road trip Germany what to see and do

SCHWERIN & BALTIC COAST, Northern Germany | short road trip

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A couple of years ago we did this short road trip in the northen Germany and visited the beautiful town of Schwerin, famous for its castle, then drove up to the Baltic coast and stopped at Kühlungsborn and Heiligendamm beach towns. On the way back home from Schwerin we also took a look around in Ludwigslust, a smaller town , about 50km to the south. Schwerin is a beautiful spot if you are in Hamburg and are looking for day trip ideas – it is only an hour and a half drive away. The closest known town at the coast nearby is Wismar, which is also well worth visiting. So, here´s more about what to see and do around there.


Schwerin was definitely one of those German towns that totally surprised me. It is not too big, but also not too small, there is a lot to see and the buildings in the OLD TOWN is very well preserved as it has managed to escape major hits during the WWII. In the city, there are many MUSEUMS, GALLERIES and also some CHURCHES to visit. The city is built by the beautiful and very big LAKE called SCHWERINER SEE – the area around the lake is perfect for CYCLING, SAILING and other WATER SPORTS and activities.

Schwerin Germany Nemcija what to see and do

schwerin Germany what to see and do Nemcija

The city is most known for its ROMANTIC PALACE, situated on an island in SCHWERIN LAKE. It is one of my favourite palaces / castles I visited in all the 9 years I´ve been living in Germany and truly worth a visit or a short stop if you are nearby. The palace is the OFFICIAL SEAT OF THE MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN STATE PARLIAMENT today, but there is also a visitors area, a nice CAFE AND A RESTAURANT.

schwerin Germany what to see and do Nemcija

Schwerin castle Germany what to see and do Nemcija

Schwerin Germany what to see and do Nemcija

The LAKE AREA AROUND THE CASTLE is really beautiful and perfect for a long walk in the sun, a picnic, a bicycle ride or similar. Especially in Spring time when everything blooms in the large CASTLE GARDENS, which are considered to be the best BAROQUE GARDENS with elements of English landscapes in northern Germany. Another good thing about the gardens – there is no entry fee ad they are opened to the public.

schwerin Germany castle gardens Nemcija

Schwerin Germany what to see and do Nemcija

A newer, very special part of the PALACE GARDENS was set up for the purposes of the so-called BUNDESGARTENSCHAU which the biggest GARDEN EXHIBITION in Germany. Since then, the SCHWIMMENDE WIESE (in translation: “floating meadow”), as it is called, has become a place for locals to meet & hang out, watch the sunset and admire the view on the palace. For me being a landscape architect, this was one of the city highlights as well.

Schwerin Germany what to see and do Nemcija


This marvellous SEASIDE RESORT, close to ROSTOCK and just an hour car drive from SCHWERIN, has a great PROMENADE, a white sandy BEACH dotted with the traditional so-called STRANDKORB (covered chairs, which protect you from the wind), many RESTAURANTS and SPA HOTELS, a PIER and a MARINA. There are also many beautiful CYCLING & WALKING PATHS in this area. We were here in April, with the wind still cold, but it was nice to walk around on a sunny day.

Kšhlungsborn Germany what to see and do Nemčija

There is one more interesting feature here and that is the “MOLLI” – A HISTORIC STEAM RAILWAY attraction which takes its passengers around the area.

Kšhlungsborn Germany what to see and do Nemčija


This special place is a part of the town called BAD DOBERAN and it is one of the MOST FAMOUS GERMAN SEASIDE RESORTS with rich history, beautiful CLASSICIST BUILDINGS and surrounding gardens. It was once a very important high society hotspot on the Baltic coast and it is now also THE OLDEST SEASIDE SPA in continental Europe, founded in 1793. Today, the most important and known building here is the stunning 5-star GRAND HOTEL HEILIGENDAMM.

Heiligendamm Germany Nemčija what to see and do


Just before returning home we stopped at this interesting smaller town, which was established by PRINCE LUDWIG back in 1724. The main feature here is the BAROQUE PALACE, which also goes by the name of the LITTLE VERSAILLES OF MECKLENBURG, situated in the middle of a beautiful ENGLISH PARK with lakes, sculptures, fountains and more. Really pleasant to walk around, also the town itself was a great short stop.

Ludwigslust Germany what to see and do

This was yet another great short road trip I did in the north of Germany. So many great towns over here and the Baltic coast never disappoints as well. If you are ever around, definitely put Schwerin on your list.


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