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PREROW, Germany | 3 days camping holiday at the Baltic coast


Have you ever been to the German Baltic coast? Probably not, right? Well, we´ve been quite a few times and I have to say it is pretty nice even though the sea is much too cold for my spoiled Mediterranean soul. It was the first September weekend and the weather was still looking good so Lu and me packed up the tent and drove off all the way up to the city of Rostock. We spent 3 days on the coast, staying at the beautiful Regenbogen camping site in Prerow.

ROSTOCK and PREROW are only about 60km apart, both are in the MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN state in Germany. PREROW is a wonderful place on the FISCHLAND – DARß – ZINGST PENINSULA, next to the VORPOMMERSCHE BODDENLANDSCHAFT NATIONAL PARK. We chose this place because it looked like nature pure, with not many big hotels and a very nice long white sandy beach protected by sand dunes.


Rostock was on our way anyway so we decided to make a stop for a little stroll around and lunch in the sun. It was Friday afternoon and the streets were full, we were in holiday mode and the atmosphere was really great! Rostock is home to one of the OLDEST UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD and was also a member of the famous HANSEATIC LEAGUE. So even if it is not a very big city, it does have an important history. I just love the buildings and the FACADES over here. We could have visited some museums, but with such a sunny day we were happy to just walk around and admire the ARCHITECTURE.

We had LUNCH at one of the smaller FISH RESTAURANTS at the city port. Nothing fancy though, we found a great little place with an old man serving good old POTATO SALAD AND FRIED FISH. With a beer of course. An ice cream for Lu afterwards and we drove to our final destination, PREROW.


And here we were, 400km from home, finally at the beach. I have to admit I was not aware about how beautiful the GERMAN COASTLINE is before I actually moved to Germany. Living here for 8 years now, the Baltic coast is one of my favourite parts in the country and I especially love the SAND DUNES and the famous STRANDKORB beach baskets.

REGENBOGEN CAMPING in PREROW is one of the best or better said most UNIQUE CAMPING PLACES I´ve ever been to. Here it is ALLOWED TO CAMP on the SAND DUNES. Even though it is a really big camping (which is usually not my favourite thing), you feel like you are all alone out there once you get your TENT SPOT.

We had to PREBOOK OUR TENT SPOT, even though it was already September, but there were still a lot of visitors. You get to choose your own spot, they have numbers and you can see the camp layout online. For 2 nights (car, 1 adult, 1 child, 1 tent) we paid around 60€ – not the cheapest camping but here it is totally worth the extra €.

Everybody has to leave their CARS at the main PARKING AT THE ENTRANCE and if you are coming with a TRAILOR, they will tow it to your spot with a TRACTOR. It would have been impossible to do that with a normal car on the sandy hills.

And just a very quick walk over a PROTECED SAND DUNE where you are not allowed and you come to a picture perfect SANDY BEACH. Barefoot of course.

You can walk for kilometres on the beach, the actual town PREROW is about a good kilometre from the camping and on the way you pass various SURF & KITE SCHOOLS. If you have the time this is a perfect place to learn some new WATER SPORTS. Once in the town, there are many RESTAURANTS and SHOPS and of course a typical WOODEN PIER that stretches out in the sea.

And here they are, the famous STRANDKORB beach baskets or however you want to call it on English. I love them! And since there is always some WIND over here, they offer the perfect protection. Usually you have to rent them per hour or per day, but sometimes you are just lucky that you find free ones.

Sunset on the beach? Yes please! We were really lucky with the weather and had not a drop of rain, even though there were storms all around us one evening.

There are a couple of RESTAURANTS in the camping and one evening we ordered a yummy take away PIZZA – and ate it of course at the BEACH. That was a first. Nothing better than watching the sun go down with a glass of wine and a slice of pizza while barefoot on a sandy beach.

Most of the camping guests come for around a week or two and most of them are returning every year. We just had 3 days but it was the most perfect camping weekend. If you are every in this part of the country this is definitely the place to go and I really hope we come back soon :).


Prerow and Rostock German Baltic coast

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