11th month on the road | is also the 3rd month at home

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It´s almost June and we´re still in Germany. We´ve almost packed all our stuff already 3 times and wanted to drive to Slovenia to at least get our Landy, but we changed our minds every time, mostly due to the ridiculous amount of misleading information about crossing borders and quarantine times. It is just very frustrating because everybody tells you differently and you don´t even know whom to believe. Besides this, the rules are changing so quickly that the info you got 3 days ago at the embassy probably isn´t valid anymore. And then in the end it seems that everything depends on the person who is working on border control points. But anyhow, things are slowly getting more normal here where we live and as of end of May we are finally able to visit other German states also for touristic reasons. Sadly we still cannot camp with our tent everywhere because most states are not allowed to open the sanitary facilities. But we´re ready and waiting to make our first overnight trip soon, probably towards the coast.

We´re still eating too much everyday and probably not doing enough sports considering the amounts of food we eat but that will change soon too. Because we still have “all the time in the world” I´ve managed to write 9 new blog posts which is really a lot if I think they are all pretty long and in 2 languages. I was thinking about Croatia, because sadly this year might be the first one in the last 10 years we´re actually not go to Dalmatia. On the other hand, I´m sure we will at least make it to Slovene coast and jump in the sea there. Therefore 2 posts about these two areas, click on the pics and read them.

Best Slovene coastal towns and places and what to see and do on Slovenian coast

Croatia South Dalmatia islands Hvar Korcula Vis Brac what to see and do


Besides missing the seaside I´ve also been thinking about my almost 10 years of living in Germany. It´s been lots of ups & downs and still is actually. It´s not all that bad here, but it´s also not all good and after all these years here my homesick should be smaller and smaller and not the other way around. And I know a lot of people who feel the same or similar as I do. I guess everyone who is thinking about permanently moving abroad should read this one. Click on the pic and it will open in a new tab.

Living and moving abroad positive and negative sides Germany expat

And because we are now really missing our Landy so much and can´t wait to finally enjoy the great outdoors soon again I´ve written 3 posts on how and what we cook on our road trips, camping trips and overland tarvels. The first post is about food supplies, which ingredients are good to have, what we can bring from home and what to buy as we go. The second one is all about what we cook and eat, because we´re definitely not the ones who can spend a month eating pasta every day. And the last one is about our equipment – from pots to BBQ and all the useful other little things. Click on the pictures and read more.

Vanlife camp kitchen food and ingredients

Vanlife camp kitchen culinary ideas What to cook on camping trips

Vanlife camp kitchen equipment and accessories


Speaking of camping and road trips, we can´t wait to at least go camping with our tent as I´ve already mentioned. I wrote a long post about (family) tent camping where you can find out more about buying the right tent, other equipment you will need, finding the best destination and much more. Click on the picture and read the full post.

Tips and ideas for tent camping with kids

Last but not least I also wrote about money and travelling – how to save money for trips while you are at home (I think this is especially good to do right now as we can anyway not travel around so much) and how to travel cheap once you are already on the road. Check it out by clicking on the pics below.

How to save money for travelling - 25 wys and ideas

Kako potovati poceni - 25 naöinov in idej kako na potovanjih manj zapraviti


It looks like we´re going to stay here in Germany for a couple of more weeks, but then it will really be time to come say hello to the mountains and the sea in Slovenia. Now that everybody I know is discovering so many nice parts of the country and posting pictures of it on social media I´ve got loads of ideas on where to go and what to see once we get there. Unfortunately the situation in France is still quite strict so we´ll have to wait a bit longer with visiting our family & friends over there. But hopefully soon.

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