Cuba road trip with rented car from Havana to Santiago and Varadero

CUBA | 2 weeks road trip with a rented car from Havana to Santiago

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Salsa, mojito, music at every turn, cigar smoke, classic American old-timers, colonial architecture and rich history, cult personalities, white sandy beaches, locals with smiles on their faces and much more. This is all Cuba. It’s been quite a few years since our two-week road trip with a rented car from Havana to Santiago, but I still remember everything very clearly. …

AITUTAKI, Cook islands | one day in paradise

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Endless white sandy beaches, palm trees and fresh coconuts, tropical fish and a coral reef. Does this sound like paradise? It does, but we think it´s for some other reasons than these same white sandy beaches. After spending a little less than 2 weeks on Cook islands, we believe in what we´re saying ;). Read on if you are interested …

SINGAPORE | what to see and do in 4 days


It´s big, it´s clean, it´s green, its has some AMAZING ARCHITECTURE, great RESTAURANTS and (from what we heard) NIGHTLIFE. And if you feel too claustrophobic between all the big SKYSCRAPERS you can easily escape to one of the BEACHES or PARKS nearby. I was in Singapore when I was 14 years old and everything looked soooo big back then – …