This corner of our travel blog is for overland fans, those who like to camp on road trips and / or are rebuilding their own car or vans. We have still so much to write about this topic so more is coming up soon. In the menu above you can browse through 3 different categories:


Here you will find a short introduction to our LR Defender which we call Leni – a few pictures from our overland adventures so far, a list of our trips since we bought it in February 2019 and an insight to how we rebuilt the interior.


Shortly after we bought Leni, we started converting it into an offroad camper vehicle. It took us nearly 3 months, everything was hand made by us. Instead of the original 9 seats we now have just 3, therefore we also have a living/sitting area which transforms into a bed, a little kitchen with a fridge, water tanks, electric plugs, storage spaces, hammock for Lu, rooftop terrace, solar panel and more. It was quite some work and we´ll soon be posting more details about it.


Here is a place for all the blog posts about our overland trips with our Defender. In just one year since we bought t we drove through 15 countries in different parts of Europe.