Owning a Land Rover Defender has been my dream ever since I can remember thinking about cars. I can´t really explain why. The reason why I never bought one was obviously my lack of mechanical abilities haha. As you can imagine an older car like this needs someone who knows at least a little bit about how to fix some potential problems. So as soon as I realised Charlie and I share the same passion for old offroad cars we went searching online and dreamed about it together. You know, just for fun.

But then the dream became real in February 2019 when we bought Leni. It took us quite some months to pick a name though, but now we have it. Leni was built in 2001 and has a td5 motor. Despite the fact that we are the 3rd owners it is in great condition and was obviously good taken care of before it joined our family. It is a 110 model and is registered as a 9-seater, but we have converted it into a camper vehicle and use it with pleasure for longer road trips.

These are the trips we have done with Leni so far:

  • the Netherlands in April 2019

  • France in May 2019

  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland in June / July 2019

  • Slovenia & Croatian Pag island in August 2019

  • Italian Dolomites & German Romantic Road in December 2019

  • Czech Republic & Austria in January 2020

  • German Baltic and northern coast in July 2020
  • Normandy & Brittany (France) in September 2021
  • southern Sweden, October 2021
  • Balkan road trip (Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, N. MAcedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina), May 2022

You can find blog posts about all of these trips in the menu under “Overland” – “Defender trips”.

Ove rthe years we have adapted the interior and overland equipment to our needs and are currently happy with the setup nB 4. More about the conversion soon on the blog.


Land rover Defender camper conversion