Here you will find blog posts, arranged by DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES, from sports to ways of travelling and more. Might be easier to find what you are looking for.



All the blog posts regarding our (weekend or daily) visits to EUROPEAN CAPITALS and other interesting CITIES as well as longer visits of WORLD METROPOLITAN CITOIES. We regularly travel to cities in Europe as it is easy to jump on a plane, take a fast train out form Germany or simply drive with our car for a weekend getaway. Even though I am a nature lover and I prefer lonely undiscovered places, I have to admit, a little bit of bustling city life here and there is a necessity as well.


We have been camping with our trailer with my family basically since the day I was born and this is how I spent every summer for months in a row. This lifestyle has gotten under my skin and since a couple of years I or we have been often CAMPING WITH OUR TENT with Lu. We´ve done a few mom & son camping trips and it was always a success and great fun! Ever since we transformed our DEFENDER into a CAMPER VEHICLE we´ve been obviously even more into this vanlife / camping lifestyle. Here, you find blog posts about all our camping trips and more USEFUL ADVICE about his topic.


Even though I absolutely love the sun and the summer heat, I also enjoy the snow. I´ve been skiing since I´m 3 years old and it has always been my passion. Here, you find blog posts about WINTER SPORTS and ACTIVITIES like winter hiking winter road trips and more.


As kids, our parents always dragged us into the mountains and sometimes we were not the biggest fans, but that totally changed while becoming adults. Now, I love it and I´m grateful for all the hiking adventures we had while growing up. Here, you will find posts on HIKING IN SLOVENIAN MOUNTAINS, hiking VOLCANOS around the world, posts about interesting longer hikes, NATIONAL PARKS and more.


Here, I gathered posts about our true AFRICAN SAFARI EXPERIENCES. We´ve been admiring the big 5 and other beautiful creatures in many national parks across SOUTH AFRICA, NAMIBIA and UGANDA so far. We only hope that our summer plans for 2020 KENYA & TANZANIA come true.


Here you can find some of the more EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES we´ve managed to live through. It´s either something you only do once in your lifetime (because it is expensive), something you can only do in specific places in the world, something we had to overcome our fears for and similar. Amongst my favourite ones so far I can count climbing an active volcano in Vanuatu, dinner in a 3 Michelin star restaurant, gazing at the northern lights in Lapland, staying at a local village in a South Pacific island, walking in deep mud to get to an island before the sea returns and more.


A while ago, I took time to prepare a list of places I have visited and are on the UNESCO´s WORLD HERITAGE LIST. It is quite amazing to see how many beautiful places there are out there and how many we´ve already been to. Places on the list can also be a good orientation point once you start planning your itineraries.