40 WAYS and ideas about hot to travel cheap

TRAVEL CHEAP | 40 ways and ideas about how to travel cheap

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True, travelling can be expensive. For some trips many have to save up months in advance and give up many other things along the way. But it´s also true that with a little ingenuity it is also very much possible to travel cheap. Read more about how to have the best experience for less money in this new post – …

How to save money for travelling - 25 wys and ideas


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Hopping European cities over the weekends, skiing in winter time, road trips and relaxing at the sea in the summer and a couple of trips overseas in between. People love to travel. Anytime, anywhere. Many who don´t, ask them selves, where the heck do they get the money from? Travelling for me is still a luxury and I don´t take …

Tips and ideas for tent camping with kids

Tips & ideas for (family) TENT CAMPING | everything you need to know about camping with a tent

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Holidays ín the great outdoors are a good counterweight to our everyday busy city life. Also for us. On camping holidays and trips we spend the whole day outside on fresh air, surrounded by nature offering us endless possibilities for different activities. The usage of electronic devices drops to an absolute minimum, you and your kids make a bunch of …

World´s best sunrise spots

The world´s best spots to see beautiful sunrises


Early morning alarm clock isn´t a part of a perfect holiday concept for many, but some of us know this is often the time when those special magical moments happen. As I´m not a big sleeper anyway, I don´t have to think twice whether I want to get up and watch the sunrise or not. Besides, quiet mornings while everybody …

20 ideas what to do Holidays at home epidemic Coronavirus

20 things to do while you are stuck at home | STAYCATION

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With everything going on around the world right now due to the current health issues writing about it seems inevitable. I was avoiding it for a long time and I still do not intend to write any advice, information or tips on how to stay healthy, because I am far from being a doctor and I strongly believe everybody should …

travel tips | HOW TO PLAN YOUR TRIP

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Okay so you have a destination in mind, you know approximately when you can take time off at work, who do you want to go with (or not) and now all that´s left is to start planning! Some people simply love to plan the trip into the details and some leave more space for spontaneously decisions once they are there. …