Lake Como Italy what to see and do

LAKE COMO, Italy | weekend trip

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This late summer sunny weekend at one of Italy´s most beautiful and most known lakes was perfect for our family get-together. Tasty food and drinks, amazing views on the lake and mountains, picturesque villages full of history and lush vegetation in the background. The lake itself is really big but despite being a place to be seen at for celebrities and wealthy people, we still found some peaceful corners. Even though it was quite a journey to get to here just for a weekend, we didn´t regret it at all.

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Bamberg Germany weekend city trip

BAMBERG, Germany | weekend city trip

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Bamberg, a lovely picturesque town, situated somewhere between Nürnberg and Würzburg is a great place to visit for a weekend or for a stop while travelling around Germany. The city is also on the list of UNESCO´s World Heritage, for good reasons. You can visit in all months of the year – this time, we spent a nice Autumn sunny weekend here. More about what there is to see and do in this post.

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3rd month on the road | home sweet home

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Third month since my last day at the office. Even though we spent it quite differently as originally planned, it turned out to be just fine. In the mean time, our medical condition has much improved (jumping from joy) and we were able to do lots of trips around Slovenia. I have to admit it felt good to be back home for such a long time, especially in Ljubljana. Must be about 9 years since I´ve spent so much time here. And the more I´m here, the less I want to go back to Germany.

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BALTIC COUNTRIES ROAD trip Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland

BALTIC COUNTRIES wild camping road trip | Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland


We finished this year´s epic road trip with driving through Baltic countries and thereby making a large circle in the northern Europe. We visited Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland for the first time ever which made this part of the trip even more exciting. Of course, we could have spent much more time in each of the countries but we are happy we got to know them at least a little bit. Read more about where we went, what we saw and did in this new post.

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Lake Fusine Italy trip

LAKE FUSINE, Italy | daytrip from Slovenia

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This week we are enjoying the beautiful mountains around Kranjska Gora in Slovenia and even if we are still not fit enough to do some proper hiking, we are not bored over here. There are lots of other options which require low fitness level. One of those is visiting the lakes in the area. So we were off over to the Italian side yesterday, to Laghi di Fusine lakes. As always, it was beautiful, especially on such a sunny Autumn day. More about it in this post.

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wild camping road trip Scandinavia baltic countries

SCANDINAVIA & BALTIC COUNTRIES ROAD TRIP | useful information, planing tips and costs


5 weeks. 8 countries. 8000 kilometres. 1 great car. And 2 happy people. A huge bag of new memories and loads of new adventures. Here is a new post about the places we went to and the countries we visited during this long road trip. And also about what we liked and not, about transport, food, the weather and last but not least about how much everything costs. Here it is.

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2nd month on the road | back home for the summer after a long time

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The second month was a true opposite of the first one. Well, almost. We drove much lesser and rested much more. But not exactly on our free will. Plans fall apart sometimes, we are forced to change or postpone them for various reasons. We´ve had some medical issues the past weeks. Nothing to be worried about, but serious enough to prevent us from going on a trip right now. It wil take a while before we get better and are fit enough to drive. Here is more about that.

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norway road trip from south to north wild camping

NORWAY | wild camping road trip from south to north


Norway. Nature at its best. When everything glitters in sunlight, but also when everything is wrapped up in mystic fog. A paradise for everyone who loves mountains, rivers and lakes, forests, the sea, fishing, wild camping, peace and quiet. All those different landscapes and an amazing spectrum of green – blue shades of deep waters and hills has not disappointed us. Despite the larger numbers of tourists during the summer months.

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Lofoten Norway road trip

LOFOTEN islands | Norway

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Lofoten, Norway. Usually, I prefer to go somewhere south. But the cold north always ends up surprising me in a good way. I´ve travelled around Scandinavia as a teenager with a tent, but this time we visited Lofoten islands with our LR Defender, which we transformed into a camper. It´s nice up north. Peaceful and calm. And It takes your breath away may times. In one week spent there, we didn´t want to just tick off all the famous places. We went offroad lots of times. And it was always worth it. Here is a long blog post about Lofoten – for me it is a wonderful memoir, for you hopefully inspiration.

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1st month on the road | between forests, mountains, fjords and lakes of northern Europe


Woohoo, first month on the road is just behind us. First month without a job, without driving everyday to work and back for hours. Instead, we drove through a large portion of Scandinavian and Baltic countries, where we are still on the way as we speak. We are from being lazy, but I have to say, waking up without an alarm clock feels very good.

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