Karlovy Vary Czech Republic what to see and do

KARLOVY VARY, Czech Republic | what to see & do in 1 day


January was coming to an end and we decided to make a short stopover in Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad) in Czech republic on our way to Slovenia from Germany. We had time to venture off the usual German highway way and I´ve been wanting to visit this amazing Czech spa town for a while now. And even though we only ended up spending one night, it was enough for first impressions and they were really positive. So, what can you see and do in Karlovy Vary? Find out more in this post.

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Lets travel for 1 year. But lets not go around the world.

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Take a year off and go around the world. It used to be something that only a very few got to do and even if it is today certainly still a privilege, it is not all that uncommon anymore. Send your car overr to Argentina, make a road trip from Europe to Indonesia or go continent hopping with just a backpack. I want some of that too! But we can´t do that right now. Not because we wouldn´t have the time and we´re also not out of money (yet), but there is something else. For those of you who don´t know yet, we have a 8yo at home, who isn´t able to come with us outside his strict German school holidays. So such a long trip without seeing him would not be fun for anyone. Therefore we are hopping around Europe, living between 3 countries, making some longer trips in between and trying to combine our wishes with our obligations and family life. It needs much coordination, but we are making the best out of it. We are currently in the middle of our free year, which btw might end sooner or we might extend it, who knows. More about what we´ve done with our free time so far and what are our plans until Autumn in this new post.

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7th month on the road | a bit here, a bit there

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New year! The crazy party until the morning hours from not yet a month ago is already forgotten, January ran by with lightning speed. A lot has happened this month, even though we spent quite a lot of time in our German home. So far 2020 has been good to us. Still under the influence of the not so positive 2019 events, but there is no other way than forward now and we have to keep moving on and don´t look back. Okay in this post we look back one more time, it was already our 7th month since I left my job at the office. After the holidays at the start of a new year many people make new resolutions or simply start over. We´ve also made some decisions, but more about them in a new post. Soon. Also, these days this blog as it is is having its 1st birthday! It was one year ago when I started blogging again after a very long break. Came back with a new name, new design and new energy. Thank you all for reading!

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How (un)safe is Brazil - tips for first time travellers

HOW (UN)SAFE IS BRAZIL | tips for safe travels in South America

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While we were getting ready for our trip to Brazil last Autumn, we were really unsure about just one thing and that is of course the safety. I guess that is pretty normal for everyone who visits any South American country for the first time, regardless of their travel history. And the more you follow the news and read bad stories on the internet, the more you feel scared, right? Well, let me calm you down, it is really not all that bad once you are there. Of course, it it advisable to follow some of the rules on how to stay safe and of course you can still have bad luck and are at a wrong place at a wrong time, but at least you can really minimize your chances by behaving wisely. So, here is a post about how to do just that, based on our 3 weeks trip in North-East of Brazil, but it will surely be useful if you are travelling to other South American countries as well .

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SLOVENIA 1 week itinerary for first time visitors_Western and central Slovenia

SLOVENIA | 1 week self drive itinerary

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Slovenia, this small European country, tucked between the Alps and the Mediterranean has become very popular amongst international tourists in the last decade. Lately I have gotten so many questions in my inbox about where to go and what to see, I decided to finally write a proper itinerary post about my beautiful home country. As much as I would like to convince you that you absolutely need to spend at least a month here to experience it really, I am aware most of you have limited holiday days and can usually take 5-7 days for it. Don´t be distracted by its small size on the map though – there is really lots to do and the landscape changes in just minutes of driving. This itinerary covers only the central and western parts of the country, simply because they are the ones most known & visited, most developed and most diverse. This is perfect for first time visitors and those who would like to see the main attractions (but with a couple of insider tips from my side). Following this 1 week itinerary you get to see the capital city, famous lakes of Bled & Bohinj, ski jumps in Planica, Julian Alps, stunning Soča river, charming vineyards in Goriška Brda, Lipica stud farm, lovely Piran at the Adriatic coast, one of Europe´s longest caves and much more. So, lets go.

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Ireland Dublin what to see and do

DUBLIN, Ireland | weekend city trip

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A weekend trip to Dublin? Why didn´t we think of it before. For this year´s birthday I have, as the past years, chosen to take a little city trip because I prefer new memories & experiences instead of material presents. I wished it to be somewhere I have not been before. Dublin seemed to be an easy choice and the city ended up surprising us in a very positive way. It would have been great to have a couple of weeks time to explore some of the country´s countryside as well, but I guess that will wait for our next visit. More about what there is to see and do in Dublin with loads of pictures in this new blog post.

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5 places I´m happy I´ve been to before they became popular


Beginning of a new calendar year is always a good time to start thinking about holidays, isn´t it? We often ask ourselves and our friends where we want to go this year, we set new goals, we make new resolutions and are determined to change some habits. For a change, we still have zero fixed travel plans for 2020 (except skiing in Switzerland in March & a couple of weekend getaways) and my eyes are fixed on the world map these days. While surfing online, I caught myself thinking about various places we´ve been to recently and long time ago as well, which have meanwhile developed (or have a big potential to) into very popular destinations. And I can´t help but think how lucky and grateful I am to have had the chance to visit them while they were still pretty undiscovered and wild. So here are my TOP 5 such destinations.

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our 2019 | 18 countries & many adventures


2019 already waved goodbye and with this post we are remembering our adventures of the past year one more time. It was definitely not a boring one in terms of travel – we ended up visiting 18 countries on 3 different continents! Some of them with Lu and some of them just the two of us. Besides these really awesome trips there were lots of changes and in the end, tears as well. But about all that some other time. Let´s now focus on the good stuff – here is a list of where we´ve been this year with links to blogs. If you haven´t find a destination for 2020, you might get some ideas here :).

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Italy Dolomites winter camping skiing Sexten Kronplatz Lago di Braies road trip

DOLOMITES, Italy | winter camping / skiing road trip


For our way back up to Germany from Slovenia this December we were less limited with time compared to the past years. So we decided to use this opportunity and make a short road trip out of it. A skiing / camping road trip through the Italian Dolomites and onwards to Austrian Tirol & German Romantic Road that is. Due to bad weather forecast we ended up staying just 4 days in Italy, but I think we made an absolute best out of it. In this post you can read what we saw and did in the Dolomites, where we skied & camped and more.

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