5th month on the road | tropical palm trees, baklavas and Christmas fireworks

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Weird combo, right? Well, but this is pretty much how our last month looked like. I can hardly believe it has already been 5 months, since my last day at work, this is a bit scary. Anyhow, a good portion of this month we were sunbathing in Brazil, under the tropical palm trees, then we got fat on sweets in Istanbul and we spent the last November day visiting Zagreb, Croatian capial city, to see the opening of their Christmas markets and unexpectedly also witnessed massive fireworks.

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ZAGREB, Croatia | day trip from Ljubljana & visit to the Christmas markets

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The Christmas markets in Zagreb were crowned as the best in Europe for 3 years in a row – in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and since I´ve been hearing lots of good reviews about it, it was really time to visit it finally. Usually we never have much time, as we visit Slovenia only for about a week between Christmas and New Years, but now, without a regular job, everything is possible. So we took a train from Ljubljana and did a nice day trip with friends – more about how Zagreb Christmas markets look like in this new post.

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Istanbul Turkey what to see and do

ISTANBUL, Turkey | TOP 25 attractions and experiences

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Istanbul. This magical city rich in history and full of diversity, a city which has a one of a kind geographical location (partly in Europe and partly in Asia) inspired us with its mixture of modern and traditional and made us want to discover more of Turkey on our next visit. After a 4 day visit, we can really say it is a place you simply have to visit once and a city in which you easily fall in love. More about it in this new city guide post.

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BRAZIL travel blog what to see and do in Nordeste

BRAZIL | Ceara state – 3 weeks trip in the Northeast

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Northeast Brazil. 3 weeks. 2 sun-loving travellers. No big plans. Truly, we had no clue where we are even going exactly until the day we left, we made no major previous reservations (except the hotel for the first few nights), we had no guidebooks with us and we understood just very basic Portuguese. Oh yeah and we don´t do kitesurfing, which is normally the main reason international tourists come here in the first place. But we did have good mood, a couple of books, bikinis and a credit card. And that was enough for this relaxed adventure.

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4th month on the road | a bit here a bit there

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This month, we were really a bit here and a bit there. A bit in Slovenia, a bit in France and a bit in Germany. Hopping Europe might sound like fun (and it mostly is) but it also requires loads of time organising everything, searching for best connections, booking places to sleep at, finding plane tickets, studying maps and so on and so on. I´m really becoming an expert. You can wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me something like “how much does a plane ticket from Paris to Venice cost, or what is the best area in Munich to sleep at” and I will know it. You get the picture. So what did we do this month and what is coming up?

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Lyon France what to see and do in 1 day

LYON, France | what to see & do in 1 day

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Visiting any bigger city for just one day is always a bit of a challenge and many might ask, is it even worth it for such a short time? But sometimes, there is just no other way and this is the only time we´ve got. Either during a business meeting, a stop on a longer road trip or a layover between flights – I always say, better quick than never at all. Recently, we visited Lyon for just one day, coming back to Slovenia from the French Atlantic coast. It was totally worth it and real fun! We left the city with positive first impressions and thought of definitely coming back for longer one day. Read more about what you can see and do during a short visit like ours in this new post.

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Ile de Re France what to see and do

ILE DE RE, France | Atlantic coast holidays

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Ever heard of the French island called Ile de Re? No? Me neither for a long time. With an exception of many visits to Paris, a road trip on Cote d´Azur and the French Alps where I used to spent my winter skiing holidays, I really don´t know much about France. Such a shame though, as it is a beautiful, big & very diverse country. But as a result of happy events in the past couple of years I am lucky enough to call this little island my second home now. Or the third, depends how we look at it. Anyhow, I have visited it quite a few times already and I guess it deserves a post.

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Lake Como Italy what to see and do

LAKE COMO, Italy | weekend trip

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This late summer sunny weekend at one of Italy´s most beautiful and most known lakes was perfect for our family get-together. Tasty food and drinks, amazing views on the lake and mountains, picturesque villages full of history and lush vegetation in the background. The lake itself is really big but despite being a place to be seen at for celebrities and wealthy people, we still found some peaceful corners. Even though it was quite a journey to get to here just for a weekend, we didn´t regret it at all.

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Bamberg Germany weekend city trip

BAMBERG, Germany | weekend city trip

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Bamberg, a lovely picturesque town, situated somewhere between Nürnberg and Würzburg is a great place to visit for a weekend or for a stop while travelling around Germany. The city is also on the list of UNESCO´s World Heritage, for good reasons. You can visit in all months of the year – this time, we spent a nice Autumn sunny weekend here. More about what there is to see and do in this post.

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3rd month on the road | home sweet home

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Third month since my last day at the office. Even though we spent it quite differently as originally planned, it turned out to be just fine. In the mean time, our medical condition has much improved (jumping from joy) and we were able to do lots of trips around Slovenia. I have to admit it felt good to be back home for such a long time, especially in Ljubljana. Must be about 9 years since I´ve spent so much time here. And the more I´m here, the less I want to go back to Germany.

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