New beginnings.

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New content. New name. New year. New start.

The title basically says it all, but let me explain. There have been quite a few “new starts” this past year and luckily I can today say with a smile on my face that despite some difficult moments and sleepless nights, those “new starts” definitely paid off. Anyhow, those were far more of a personal nature than I´m willing to share here so let´s just leave it at that.

As for this blog, I somehow felt I should do the same. You know, start over. Time passed by so quick and while being busy with those “new starts” I mentioned above, I realized I have not written anything in about 10 months. It just wasn´t a priority anymore, in fact it was not even remotely close to that.

I guess I needed a break from it.  Which is fine – after all, writing a blog should be a fun thing to do and not an obligation of some sort. At least that is how I always looked at it.

I think the break is over now. With all the changes made I´m ready to get back to it. In the past weeks I´ve moved the blog to a new address and gave it a new name, have been updating older posts, adding and deleting photos, changing designs, upgrading plugins, and so on.  Those of you who have done the same must know it is not a quick job and I´m still not quite finished yet, but I´m getting there. If you don´t know, the old blog was called “finding Malokoko”. That one is still active until the end of February but I will be deleting the content already before.

As before, I will keep my content orientated towards travelling with and without kids, but I will also be adding more about camping, road trips, hiking, special experiences and travelling as a single mom.

In the past year Lu and me have had some wonderful travelling adventures, from the South Pacific to European Mediterranean we have been to 13 countries.

Can´t really complain about that. So, here we go, ready for a fresh start, ready to fill you up on our 2018 experiences with new posts, pictures and stories. I will be happy if you stay with us and keep reading : ).

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