What? You´re going all alone?


This question has been following me for the last couple of weeks. And considering the fact I have realised I have not written anything in months (yxkćblekžnfidn!), this might be the time to do it. So. The answer is, no, I´m not going all alone. I´m going with the best possible little traveller. With one that can be more durable than so many big ones. Luckily. Many supportive messages have flown into my inbox lately (thank you guys, you know who you are), but of course there have been also some less encouraging ones. Thanks also to those – you made me write something after a long time.

All alone with a small kid? Won´t it be too dangerous? Too expensive? What if something happens? And if someone gets sick? Aren`t there still cannibals? Oh Well.

It will most certainly be expensive, but as always – where there is will, there is a way! Going down the stairs to the basement can also be dangerous and I crossmyfingers no one will get sick. Are we afraid? Alright, we are a bit. At least me. Kids are anyway fearless or they don´t know exactly what is coming. But it´s a good dose of fear, just enough to get some adrenaline running.

How do we dare to do this? Easy. The same as we dare to be all alone like this every day. At home. And to be honest, it´s been perfectly fine like this, all alone. You won´t believe it, be we also go all alone to buy our weekly groceries, we go all alone camping for the week end, we go all alone on a plane. We also swear all alone in the car when someone is driving to slow on the Autobahn and we visit the doctor all alone if we have to! Every morning we go all alone to work and to the kindergarten. So why not go all alone travelling somewhere far away? It will be just like at home (minus the annoying alarm clock at 6:15 in the morning and plus a fairly dose of sun and sea).

So. We are going all alone somewhere far away. As far as we can go. With the finger through the globe. To the other side of the world.

It´s not like we are running away. Okay maybe we are a little bit. One last time before school starts next year. And for as long as it is possible at the moment. 2 and a half months. Would have been great to do it for a whole year though. Maybe some other time. And of course we could not miss the chance of coming home first. To Slovenia. To ski. And say hello to family and friends. To eat and drink. To admire our beautiful mountains and smell the Adriatic sea for the last time this year. Before we replace the winter gloves and scarves with flip flops and bikinis. And sit on a big plane at Munich airport. And then the next one in Singapore. And then the next 14 smaller ones. Just the two of us. Me and Lu. All alone!

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