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Okay so you have a destination in mind, you know approximately when you can take time off at work, who do you want to go with (or not) and now all that´s left is to start planning! Some people simply love to plan the trip into the details and some leave more space for spontaneously decisions once they are there. I used to be that spontaneously person, but since we have Lu I do tend to plan a bit more in advance. Anyway – I know the whole planning and organising process before you actually sit on the plane is a pain in the ass for some people (I on the other hand enjoy it very much). So I came up with this post in order to make it easier for those who don´t know where to start. I Hope it´s helpful :).


  • start searching for an AIRPLANE TICKET. If your dates are flexible it´s much better because you can find a cheaper ticket. Check all the offers from different sites that announce the so-called error fares and airline offers. Try out different search machines and put in different dates and departure cities close to where you live. Take care that if there is a long stop over you might want to spend a night in a hotel (extra costs).

  • check if you need a VISA and if you can get it at the airport (VOA – Visa on arrival) or you have to arrange it from home (this might take some time)

  • check if your PASSPORT is still valid (sometimes it has to be valid at least 6 more months)

  • check if you need any VACCINATION or malaria pills

  • arrange a HEALTH INSURANCE which will keep you covered internationally

  • if you are planning to rent a car you will often need the INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE, which is usually valid for a couple of years only (depends where you live).

  • find a PERSON who will pick up your mail, take care of your pets, apartment, house or whatever you leave behind for the time of your travels

  • get a GUIDEBOOK and start reading


  • if you are driving to the airport with your own car – check if you can leave it somewhere close to the airport and take a bus/train to it, this will save you the airport parking costs. If this isn´t possible, you can (in most cases) pre-book the AIRPORT GARAGE online. It´s very simple and it saves you lots of money, we do it all the time.

  • if you are taking PUBLIC TRANSPORT to the airport, check online for the best option
  • if you want to book everything in advance you need to start booking HOTELS/guesthouses. For that you need to have your travel plan all figured out. If you want to be spontaneous you still might want to book a place to sleep for the first night, because you are usually really tired from the long flight and just want to relax without thinking too much.

  • if you are planning to rent a CAR – book it online. Reconsider what is the best option depending on where you are going.

  • if you are planning to visit a NP which has a LIMITED NUMBER OF DAILY GUESTS you have to book it in advance also (for example a Gorilla trek in Africa)
  • sometimes booking various TICKETS for museums, shows, trains, buses etc. online will save you standing in the line – but in order to do that from home you need to have an exact plan on where and when you will be somewhere (we usually don´t do that and stand in the line then ;))


  • COPY the first page of you passport and keep it stored separately from the actual document

  • check if your electrical appliances will fit into the ELECTRICAL SOCKETS – if not, buy a suitable converter. We have an universal one, which fits to them all.

  • do a research on your MOBILE PHONE calls costs in that country and consider buying a local prepaid card once you are there, find out which one is the best.

  • find out where is the best place to EXHANGE MONEY into local currency

  • check online how you can get FROM THE AIRPORT to the town once you land (it might save you time & money)

  • read forums and check Tripadvisor (or similar pages) to get a general idea on how much something SHOULD COST! A taxi ride, a boat tour, a beer – whatever information you can get. You will most certainly still overpay something sometimes, but it will for sure not happen as often as it would if you had no idea how much you are supposed to pay.

  • check with your bank about money withdrawal from local ATM´s – there might be extra costs, it can also happen that your card will not be accepted. So, take enough cash just in case.

  • if you have a longer stop between flights check online where on that airport are the best seats for SLEEPING and which restaurants are open through the night

  • learn a few basic words and sentences in the local LANGUAGE!


  • pack a small backpack/bag for the plane and throw in some EXTRA CLOTHES T-shirt, underwear and a long sleeve shirt – in case your bag gets lost, you have something to wear.

  • if you are travelling in a pair or in a group PACK some of your clothes into the other person´s bag and vice versa

  • always keep your DOCUMENTS and your mobile phone close to you

  • don´t keep all the CASH in your wallet

  • don´t pack WHITE CLOTHES. Ever. Ok except you´re just going to the beach

  • leave 1/3 of your backpack/bag EMPTY! You will never pack so neatly once you´re on the road plus you might buy new things on the way

  • rather take less clothes and WASH on the way


  • cross CHECK if you have the most important things

  • promise your mom for the 87th time you will send an SMS when you land 😀

  • RELAX and enjoy the trip!


There you go – I think this are the most important things! If you think something is missing please let us know what that is and write it in the comments below – I can add it to the list!

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