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The Big Apple. Empire City. Gotham City. The City. Call it like you want to, it´s simply a city everyone should visit AT LEAST ONCE IN A LIFETIME. least once in a lifetime I guess there are many women who would love to be a Carrie Bradshaw, going out for all that delicious food, dancing in the clubs and buying all those shoes. Even if you are not the biggest fan of anything American, this place is worth a visit. I would not want to live here long term, maybe for a year – just because it´s soooo big and there is soooo much to see it´s impossible to suck it all in in just a few days or in a week. Luckily for us, Europeans, the PLANE TICKETS are quite affordable and there are many direct flights to choose from, making it easy to travel over there. The problems begin though, probably already at hotels search – because everything seems very expensive. And you will not be needing the money only to pay tor your ACCOMMODATION, but also for all the other things – and trust me, once you are there you just want to use the opportunity and experience as much as you can.

OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS after stepping out to the streets the morning after we arrived late in the evening – EVERYTHING WAS SOOO BIG. Not like we have never seen a skyscraper in our lives, but this was different. Everybody was rushing to work, woman wearing expensive clothes and sneakers (so that they could run faster, the real shoes were in the handbags), there were taxis everywhere and all kinds of smells were coming out of the many BAKERY shops. If you want to do it as the locals, get yourself a TAKEAWAY CUP OF COFFEE.


I´m telling you, the LIGHTS and signs will flash you – it´s impossible to bring this feelings over with looking at photos, but here are a few anyway, just to get the idea.



The BEST WAY TO START YOUR VISIT in NYC is to go to one of the OBSERVATION DECKS, either to EMPIRE STATE BUILDING or the TOP OF THE ROCK and get an overview of the city. We did both, once just before sunset and once in the evening when it was already dark.






It´s impossible to forget which country you are at – flags everywhere. In the wintertime you can do some ice skating right in the city centre.

nyc flags

And of course you will also do the next most popular thing for tourists – FERRY ride to STATEN ISLAND, ELLIS ISLAND or others. We´ve done them all also and were lucky to enjoy the views in the NOVEMBER sun.





But most of all, you will WALK. And walk. And walk some more. Even if the Subway system is pretty easy to use, we still walked lots – because there was just so much to see and the weather was nice. Our feet were hurting every evening! Here is one infront of the UN HEADQUARTERS.

nyc UN

Another “must do” – the famous WALL STREET.


Why not go to CHINATOWN to get a cheaper bite to eat and just walk around trying to interpret all the colourful signs and express disgust at some strange small living creatures being sold on the street as food.

nyc CT

Back from Chinatown to the OLD BUILDINGS of New York.

new york6

We spent quite a lot of time visiting the MUSEUMS. Considering the fact that it was getting really cold at the beginning of November this was also a great way to warm up from time to time. Besides, NYC has lots to offer. I´m not posting more photos on this topic, because even after a quick internet research I´m not sure if it is allowed to post photos from museums online. Besides, I also don´t have many, since taking photos is also not allowed everywhere. It seem right to stick to this regulations. We went to MOMA (which was great), GIGGENHEIM Museum, MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY and a few smaller ART GALLERIES.


In the evenings we tried out a MUSICAL (West Side Story it was), different RESTAURANTS and a JAZZ BAR. Although I am not the biggest jazz fan, I must say hearing it live was a complete different thing. I actually loved it. You will probably have to reserve a table up front.

new york jazz

There are many great BOOKSTORES in NYC and you can literately spend hours in one of those, so if you are into books check some of them out.


Salty or sweet – there is something for everybody. Extremely sugary cupcakes or a very salty pretzel. Or maybe a pizza cone? Yes, its a pizza, in a cone. Many funny STREET SNACKSto try out in NYC.

nyc food

Early NOVEMBER was already marked with CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. So, we also went into a shop here and there – it´s also kind of convenient because it was cold outside, we had to keep warm (or at least use the cold weather as an excuse). But seriously, the clothing and shoes were cheaper than in Europe. So, we did end up buying some things.


The streets of New York can be.. well.. DIRTY. But, just ignore it, after all – you are just visiting and don´t have to live with it.

nyc trash

5 DAYS were over quickly and before we knew it we were again sitting in a taxi and driving to the JFK airport. I´m still keeping NYC in mind for a short getaway in the future – but next time definitely in the SUMMER.




New York City NYC Things to see and do in 5 days USA

NYC New York City Things to see and do in 5 days USA

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