Best gift ideas for travellers

BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR TRAVELLERS | 60+ gift ideas for people who love to travel

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Yay December is here! Anyone else looking forward to holiday season? Well as we all know, this year everything is a little unusual, but still. Maybe we at least get a real winter this season and the snowy landscapes bring us into the right spirit. Since I know that some of you have already set up a Christmas tree, but I also know that certainly not everyone has bought the presents, I have prepared a long list of 60+ gift ideas for all of us, “travel obsessed souls“. Of course, we should al be grateful for our health and everything else we have, but still, this year was definitely not easy for everybody who loves to travel. And because we need to stay positive and because we will definitely be traveling again soon as we used to, I think we will all be happy to get some travel-related gifts this year as well, despite the situation. As I am not the biggest fan of expensive material gifts just for the sake of the holidays, I also added a more creative chapter and a couple of ideas for non-material gifts as well. And since this year was certainly not been easy for all small businesses and artists as well, don’t forget to shop as locally as possible. The ideas in the article are thematically divided into the following chapters: typical gifts for travelers, electronic gadgets, useful travel accessories, clothes, cosmetics, eco-sustainable gifts, gift vouchers and courses, diy presents, surprise baskets / boxes and special intangible gifts.


Classic, affordable gifts for travelers, mostly in paper form, which will delight every traveler’s soul. If you have no other ideas with the latter you can’t go wrong.

  • SCRATCH OFF MAP Who doesn’t have one yet? World maps where you can scratch off the countries you´ve already visited

  • GLOBE My favorite are cork globes, in which you can stick small pins, otherwise you can also get such with a light inside or choose a more classic one.

  • TOURIST GUIDEBOOK I may be old-fashioned, but despite the more modern digital versions, I still prefer to choose the paper version.

  • INSPIRING BOOKS Life stories of world travelers, collections of interesting travelogues, presentations of the most beautiful places in the world, travel novels and similar.

  • TRAVEL DIARY It can be a slightly nicer notebook, or a specifically designed diary for recording travel impressions.

  • CALENDAR With a travel theme or beautiful photos of the wonders of the world.

  • PHOTO ALBUM Since nowadays we don’t develop photographs very often, we may be encouraged to do so if we have a wonderful album to put them in.

  • COOKBOOKS Namely those with more exotic recipes from different countries of the world.

  • ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION TO A TRAVEL MAGAZINE For a regular dose of travel content, reports, travelogues, inspiration and news from the world of tourism.


Today, it is almost impossible to live without different technologically advanced devices. Of course, electronic devices and accessories are usually in a higher price range, so they are sometimes a great choice for group gifts, but there are also cheaper items that always come in handy.

  • VOLTAGE CONVERTER Universal converter that can be used in all countries of the world.

  • POWER BANK Unfortunately, smartphones like to run out of battery too fast, so we often need an additional source of energy on the road.

  • PORTABLE DISK Because tend to take a huge number of photos on our travels and it is always wise to have backup files in another location.

  • CAMERA / GO PRO A slightly more expensive gift, but it is a good choice if you are looking for something you can buy as a group gift for photography lovers.

  • MEMORY CARDS There are never too many of these, especially for those who like to take a lot of photos.

  • KINDLE AND KINDLE BOOKS I myself prefer paper forms, but I still admit that the Kindle is a very practical thing when traveling, especially if we like to travel light and save space in luggage.

  • POLAROID CAMERA AND ADDITIONAL FILM It can be a lot of fun for those very special moments.

  • INSULATED PHONE BAG Anyone else´s phones freeze when it´s cold? There is a solution to this problem, namely fluffy phone cases that keep them warm and working even at sub-zero temperatures.


A variety of interesting little things and useful travel accessories that you simply can’t miss and which often come in handy while on the road travelling.

  • THERMOS BOTTLE It always comes in handy and is useful in all seasons. Great for road trips, hikes in the mountains, for skiing and for keeping your drinks cold on the beach.

  • BOTTLE WITH WATER FILTER An indispensable accessory for those who love nature and places where it is not always possible to find clean drinking water.

  • HEADLAMP Great idea for hikers and campers, as well as for other travelers. Especially practical because they do not take up much space, we can take them with us everywhere without problems. There are also kids sizes available.

  • SWISS KNIFE An indispensable friend in a variety of situations.

  • PORTABLE FOLDING HAMMOCK A great thing that doesn’t take up much space when folded. We each have our own, so we don’t fight over who gets to relax in it. Practical for road trip trips, and for the beach and of course for camping.

  • WATERPROOF BAG For everyone who likes to kayak, SUP or other water sports. There are different sizes, we also take one on shorter trips and hikes when there is a possibility of rain, for example.

  • ENAMEL KITCHENWARE Nowadays, you get really cute cups, pots, plates and other enamel kitchenware. There are also personalized products with names and different motifs, also for children. Great for those who camp, walk in the hills and enjoy road trips.

  • SNORKELLING MASK For anyone who loves going to the sea or perhaps going on a trip to tropical places with an interesting underwater world for the first time.

  • SLEEPING BAG There are many variants here as well. More expensive ones for winter from duck feather down, such for more moderate temperatures or, for example, thin folding silk sleeping bags which are great for those who travel with a backpack and sleep in hygienically questionable accommodation.

  • DOCUMENT BAG / BELT It comes in handy when traveling to places where overall safety is not so good.

  • PASSPORT COVER A small, yet attentive and affordable gift for anyone who loves to travel.

  • LUGGAGE TAG Another little thing that can be given in addition to any other gift. More for those traveling with suitcases which are checked in on flights.

  • EYE MASK AND EAR PLUGS A classic that always comes in handy. Eye masks are now also available with funny inscriptions, in various colors and shapes – even those that do not press over the eyelids for that extra comfort.

  • TRAVEL CUSHION It comes in handy on different means of transport as well as on camping trips. Inflatable folding variants are also available.

  • TRAVEL WALLET A larger wallet in which you can also store your passport, airline tickets and other documents, so that everything needed is in one place.

  • SUITCASE / BACKPACK Smaller hiking backpacks are always suitable for those who like to go outside and a suitcase for hand luggage for those who travel a lot by plane.

  • FOLDING PORTABLE GAMES AND CARDS Magnetic chess, cards, dice, board games, quizzes and more. Board games are available in small, foldable and sometimes magnetic versions and are very practical for fighting boredom on trains, airports or just for a more fun evening.

  • PIGGY BANK To make saving up for the next trip even more fun. Of course, you can fill up the piggy bank a little bit before you wrap it.


There are also great gift ideas among fabric products. Especially products made of special, durable, natural or, for example, waterproof materials, sportswear, useful accessories, folding jackets and other small things.

  • PACKING CUBES I simply love them and I certainly have at least 12. I prefer such thin and partially transparent ones so that I can see what is inside. With their help, each backpack or suitcase is better organized, clothes can also be thematically arranged into individual cubes. We also use them when camping and road tripping with our car and I know exactly where something is without searching for it.

  • SARONG This one is more for the ladies, but I´m still mentioning it, because in my experience, our men also like to borrow it sometimes. A sarong or pareo is a versatile piece of fabric, which can be used as a beach towel, as a dress, as a pillow, protection from the sun and wind (and the strong climate on Asian buses). We can also use it when visiting temples and churches and have to cover up.

  • HIDDEN POCKET SCARF Big fan of this one too. It is basically a loop scarf that has a hidden zippered pocket sewn on. In this pocket we can store a passport, money, the hotel room key and other little things when we go for a walk around without other bags. Of course, the scarf can also be used when we do not put anything in our pocket.

  • FOLDABLE RAIN JACKETS We may not need it on the way, but when we do, it will be worth its weight in gold. Small folding jackets are very practical as they do not take up much space, nor are they heavy.

  • T-SHIRT WITH UV PROTECTION A great gift for anyone heading to the hot tropics around the equator. There are those with long or short sleeves, as well as one-piece swimsuits and shorts for men.

  • WINTER SKIING UNDERWEAR Quality winter underwear can be a great gift for all winter sports enthusiasts.


Useful and practical cosmetic products that always come in handy on different trips and occasions trips and are also suitable for those who only travel with hand luggage.

  • TRAVEL TOWEL Extremely thin, folding towels that dry quickly are convenient especially for camping, road trips, trips to countries with tropical climates and for beachtime of course.

  • TRAVEL COSMETIC BAG Such that can be hung and has enough space for everything you need. It it great for camping, road trips and trips where we often change accommodations or if we like to spend the night in, for example, hostels with shared bathrooms.

  • COSMETICS FOR HAND LUGGAGE A package of cosmetic products that are either dry (for example dry deodorant, dry shampoos and soaps in sheets) or packed in bottles smaller than 100ml (soaps, creams, shampoo, make up, deo). Here you can also gift a set of 100ml reusable silicone bottles.

  • FIRST AID KIT Already prepared small bags with all the necessities for first aid on the trip.


Gifts and small attentions for all ecologically conscious travelers. Don’t forget about the appropriate environmentally friendly wrapping paper or gift bags.

  • BIODEGRADABLE SOAP AND SHAMPOO I use the convenient 2 in 1 version myself and it is great for camping, because we can also wash with it outdoors.

  • ECO SOAP NUTS An ecological alternative to ordinary detergents in tubes for washing clothes on camping and other trips. We love them especially on camping trips where we can only wash our clothes by ourselves.

  • BAMBOO PRODUCTS For example, toothbrush, reusable kitchen accessories, glasses and more.

  • SILICONE PACKAGING BAGS A good alternative to plastic, as silicone is much more durable and much more environmentally friendly than plastic.

  • ZERO WASTE TOOTHPASTE Toothpaste in tabs without plastic packaging, convenient for travel and long journeys by plane.

  • BEESWAX WRAPS We use it instead of plastic foil to cover food rests especially on camping and road trips, where we cook a lot ourselves.


Personally, I am not the biggest fan of gift vouchers for big and well-known retail chains, but there are some great alternatives in this section too.

  • EXPERIENCE VOUCHES Balloon flights, parachute jumps, a weekend getaway package at a luxury hotel, visits to better restaurants and much more.

  • TICKETS Ski tickets, plane tickets, annual museum tickets and other.

  • COURSES Cooking, diving, climbing, skiing, canoeing, horseback riding, photography, language courses and similar.

  • STORE VOUCHERS Vouchers for purchase in bookstores and shops with camping equipment, sports equipment and clothing or any other travel-related shops.


For everybody who is creative, has enough time and prefer to give something personal, here are some ideas on how to create interesting and personal gifts with your own hands. Believe me, handmade gifts are most often appreciated, as more effort and love is invested in them.

  1. SEWING Passport covers, eye mask, document bag, toiletry bag, scarf with hidden pocket, “upcycling” projects from worn-out clothes and old towels (for example make-up removal pads, hard soap pockets, bread and groceries bags, tote bags, bags for dirty laundry).

  2. PHOTOGRAPHY Prepare a personal scrapbook or photo album with photos from joint trips and excursions and add fun descriptions (great for couples, best friends or families), print a photo book, prepare a collage of photos to put on the wall, print personal calendars.

  3. DRAWING Family portraits from travels, framed sketches and drawings, graphic travel posters and posters, framed travel quotes.

  4. COOKING Homemade delicacies for the road, which will delight especially those who like camping and can take these edible goodies with them. Homemade jams, jars with dried spices, homemade pickled vegetables, spicy olive oil with chillies and spices, homemade alcoholic beverages and similar.


A basket or a surprise box is a good idea if the gift is intended for a couple or a family traveling together. Of course, we can also assemble it and give it as a gift to individuals. We can collect a whole bunch of little things in the basket that could come in handy on various trips and vacations.

  • FOR SUMMER HOLIDAY AT THE SEA, you can prepare, for example, the following: towel, snorkelling masks, sunscreen, label, swimsuit, T-shirt with UV protection, waterproof bag, cooler bag, books.

  • FOR WINTER HOLIDAY ON THE SNOW, for example, you can prepare the following: sunscreen, lipstick, sunglasses, scarf, hat, gloves, one-day ski pass, thermos bottle, winter underwear.

  • FOR CAMPING HOLIDAY, for example, you can prepare the following: a portable folding hammock, insect repellent, sunscreen, enamel kitchenware, board games, a headlight, electric lights and candles, a clothesline and, for fun, a couple of instant soups or other dry camping food.

  • FOR FIRST TIME TRAVELLERS, you can prepare the following, for example: a piggy bank, a book guide, a travel diary, a Swiss Army knife, a money and document belt, a passport cover, a power bank, SD cards, a set of playing cards.


Last but not least, a few more ideas for everyone who is not a fan of material gifts and every year says they don’t need anything, but you would still like to give something. You can do any of the following on behalf of the gift recipient.

  • ADOPT AN ANIMAL In Slovenia, for example, you can adopt a dolphin for one year through Morigenos association. With a donation you financially support the operation of the organization and help preserve the biodiversity of the Adriatic sea and marine life.

  • DONATIONS TO NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Here, of course, there are many options, it is best to choose such an organization that thematically responds to the interests of the recipient.


60 ideas on gifts for travellers and best presents for people who love to travel

60 best gifts for people who love to travel presents for travellers

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