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KRNICA VALLEY, Slovenia | easy hike in Julian Alps near Kranjska Gora

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A trip to the alpine valley of the Krnica is one of the most beautiful, easier hikes in the vicinity of Kranjska Gora, also suitable for families with children and, of course, also for your four-legged friends. There are actually two starting points for the hike, you can start either at lake Jasna or a little further, at the mountain lodge Mihov dom, along the road to Vršič pass. From both directions, the path to the finish at Koča v Krnici (1,113 m) cottage takes about an hour, but you can also continue the hike to some other, higher peaks around. I like to return to Krnica in all seasons, it is beautiful just after the first fluffy snowfall, as well as in the warmer months. Though it is usually quite crowded on the weekends, you can still easily catch a little peace and enjoy the beautiful views in the embrace of the Julian Alps if you start the day early enough. In this blog post, you can read more about this wonderful hike into the 6-kilometer-long Kranica valley, both in winter and summer.

Starting point: Mihov dom cottage or Jasna lake close to Kranjska Gora

End: Koča v Krnici cottage (1.113 m)

Hiking time: approximately 1 hour in each direction

Difficulty: easy hiking path, also suitable for families with kids

Summer gear:  comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes

Winter gear: warm hiking shoes and sticks, crampons in case of freezing and sledges for the kids



You can park right next to Lake Jasna, there are paid and free parking spaces, but they fill up quickly on sunny weekends. It is possible to park a little further along the road leading to Vršič, just before the bridge over Pišnica river. This parking lot also gets busy early in the morning so be amongst the first visitors. The hike begins on a gravel path along the river Pišnica.


You can drive a little further on the road to Vršič pass and park at the Mihov dom mountain lodge just before the famous Russian chapel, or a bit before Mihov dom on a parking lot on the left side of the road. The hiking trail towards Koča v Krnici does not lead you along the Pišnica river then, but you do eventually join the path from Jasna lake at about 2/3 of the way up to the cottage.


Those who do not like to go up and down the same path, can for example start at Lake Jasna, continue along Pišnica river to Koča v Krnici mountain hut, and on the way back turn left in the direction of Mihov dom, from where they return to Jasna along Vršiška cesta road, direction Kranjska Gora.


So as I mentioned you can start the hike at Jasna lake, or just stop there along the way, since you will pass it anyway unless you are arriving from the other side of Vršič pass (Bovec and Soča valley). In recent years the surroundings of the lake have been really nicely arranged, there are also cafes and you can grab something to eat as well. In the summer the brave souls can take a swim, and in winter you can ice skate under appropriate conditions. And of course don’t forget the obligatory photo on Capricorn statue if you want to act like locals.

Jezero Jasna Kranjska Gora kam na izlet Slovenija Slovenia


The KRNICA ALPINE VALLEY is about 6 kilometers long and starts on the left side of the road behind lake Jasna, just in front of the bridge over Pišnica on the road to VRŠIČ. At first, the GRAVEL PATH is not steep at all and it runs along the mountain stream VELIKA PIŠNICA in the direction of the mountain RAZOR. If you start the hike early in the morning in the summer, dress warmly anyway, as there will be no sun in this part yet. After about two thirds of the route from this direction, the ROUTE FROM MIHOV DOM cottage joins, and soon after that we can continue to Koča v Krnici either on a FOREST ROUTE or along the wider GRAVEL ROUTE. Both are a little steeper in this part than at the beginning of the hike. I usually go to the hut through the forest, and then return on the gravel path. You can also go to Krnica with your MOUNTAIN BIKE, if you have enough power of course, in this case better to stay on the gravel path. After about an hour of walking from the parking lot, you will arrive at KOČA V KRNICI mountain hut, where you can grab something to eat and drink and just enjoy the views on the 2,000-meter JULIAN ALPS PEAKS. Krnica is surrounded by the mountains KRIŽ (2410m), ŠKRLATICA (2740m), ŠPIK (2472m) and PRISOJNIK (2547m) – you can also hike to these from Krnica (in this case, don’t forget the appropriate equipment, good physical condition and, of course, start the day early).


pohod v dolino Krnica Kranjska Gora jezero Jasna izlet Slovenia hiking trips

On a hot summer day, the first part of the route along the Pišnica River will be very refreshing, especially when the riverbed is full of emerald green water. I like to go at any time of the day during the week, and around 7 or 8 in the morning on weekends to avoid the crowds. At that time, this part of the route is still in the shade and can be really cold, so don’t forget about appropriate clothing. The hut at the end of the valley officially opens at 9, so if you are very early, don’t forget your own drinks and snacks. It might also be closed during the week, so be sure to check online in advance. Just shortly after starting the hike, you´ll be surrounded by beautiful views of the Julian Alps.

Pohod izlet v dolino Krnice iz Kranjske Gore ob Pišnici Slovenia summer hiking

THE IDYLLIC MEADOW WITH KOČA V KRNICI MOUNTAIN HUT IS SURROUNDED BY PEAKS peaks and steep slopes of Gamsova Špica, Mala and Velika Ponca, Škrlatica, Velika Dnina, Oltar, Dovški Gamsovec, Kriška stena, Razor, Prisojnik, Prednja glava, Škrbinjek, Veliki Kumleh, Martuljek and some others mountains.

Dolina Krnica Julijske alpe pohod izlet iz Kranjske Gore

KOČA V KRNICI itself is a very pleasant mountain cottage, in the summer there is a nicely arranged terrace with larger wooden tables and benches under umbrellas, outside there are also comfortable deck chairs, but you can of course spread your blanket on the grass surface. near the hut. You can also sleep in the cottage if you´d like to spend the night here.

Koča v Krnici pohod iz Jasne izlet Kranjska Gora Slovenia mountain hut hiking

In the summer, of course, there should be no shortage of cold drinks, for this purpose a convenient outdoor refrigerator is waiting for you outside the hut. You can also indulge in many other yummy delicacies here, from strudels, štruklji, soups, sausages and other typically Slovene mountain dishes.

Koča v Krnici bar pohod izlet KRanjska Gora Slovenia mountain bar food drinks

Krnica summer hiking Slovenia Kranjska Gora izlet pood Julijske Alpe

If you go to Krnica at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, you will certainly meet or at least hear the clinking of cows on the way – some of them can be very curious, but be careful and don´t come too close.

krave dolina Krnica Slovenia cows hiking


Dolina Krnica Kranjska Gora izlet pohod zima Slovenia hiking winter

A walk through Krnica valley IN WINTER is just as magical, if not even more than in summer. Plan in a little more time for the hike in the snow and don’t forget to take appropriate EQUIPMENT. The path is really easy and, except for the last part, it is not steep, but it can be icy and slippery in the winter. In this case it is good to have CRAMPONS AND HIKING POLES, especially when descending. You can also take a toboggan / sledge for the kids. In the spring it is also possible to do ski touring in this area but you will need to know exactly where to go as this can be more dangerous.

Dolina Krnica Kranjska Gora zimksi pohod izlet iz Ljubljane Slovenia winter hiking trips

There is often even less or even no snow at the beginning of the valley, at the bridge over Pišnica along the road to Vršič, but the height difference usually does the trick after just some minutes of hiking and you find yourselves in the middle of a real winter idyll. It is especially beautiful, of course, on a clear sunny day just after several days of heavy snowfall.

Pohod v Krnico izlet iz Kranjske Gore pozimi Slovenia hiking trips

V Koči v Krnici je v gostinskem prostoru prostora za okrog 40 oseb, ob vikendih se okrog kosila res hitro napolni, pa vseeno se splača počakati prosto miz in pomalicati kakšno domačo dobroto. Kot že zgoraj omenjeno je v koči na voljo tudi par sob in pa velje skupno ležišče, za tiste, ki bi radi prenočili.

Koča v Krnici Kranjska Gora zimski pohod iz Jasne Slovenia hiking trips

Yes, winter always awakens a child in us, doesn’t it? The winter hike to the Krnica valley is really one of the most beautiful and easy hikes in this part of our country, and I happily wander off chasing snow around here every winter when I visit Kranjska Gora.

Zimksi pohod v Krnico Kranjska Gora Slovenia winter hiking trips in the snow


It is very likely that you will visit Krnica, for example, during a weekend trip to Kranjska Gora or during a longer ski holiday in this part of Gorenjska. Even if you only arrive for just one day, there will still be enough time for some sightseeing and stops in and around Kranjska Gora.

Kranjska Gora izlet po Sloveniji Slovenia hiking trips

You can combine this hiking trip to Krnica with a PANORAMIC DRIVE OVER VRŠIČ PASS, with a visit to LAKE JASNA, a walk through the center of KRANJSKA GORA, you can visit the ZELENCI NATURE RESERVE or world known SKI JUMPS IN PLANICA and a whole bunch of other interesting sights and natural beauties. In Kranjska Gora and its surroundings, one will not be bored even if staying the whole week. I feel at home here, besides Ljubljana and Piran, this is where I´m spending most of my time when visiting my home land Slovenia. Therefore there is one long post on the blog with all sorts of activities in the vicinity of Kranjska Gora – both in summer and winter. Read it by clicking the button below.



Krnica valley hiking in summer or winter Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Kranjska Gora Krnica valley hiking trip in winter and summer

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