from Singapore to Rarotonga

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When we were sitting on the plane from Rarotonga to Auckland last year at this time around, i said to myself – we´ll definitely come again. I was really sure of that but never could i imagine it will happen already this year. And not in the usual setup, because this year it´s just Lu & me. To be honest, it´s been quite alright like it is. After a couple of days in Singapore where we visited relatives, we flew to Auckland (btw Singapore airlines beats Air New Zealand this time), spent a night at the airport and flew to Rarotonga the next morning. 10 whole days at friends on the biggest one of the Cook islands, what a luxury 🙂

Singapore was great. As usual. It was my 4th time, 3rd for Lu. That´s why we didn´t do any touristy things. Evening lights are still fascinating, there are rules to obey, everything is clean, hot, humid and fairly expensive. Everytime I come here I promise myself I will sleep in the Marina Bay Sands hotel the next time I come, but that never happens. Just check out their amazing pool and you´ll understand why. But the 3€ curry or a spicy masala dosa at the food court next door is a must. This time we also had a special extra swimming pool to overcome the heat in the middle of the day and a yummy Taiwanese feast the last evening – we might come next year again 🙂

Short but sweet, it was time to move. We´re on Rarotonga. Just a little paradise in the middle of the Pacific. Cook islands. You might have heard of it, but you probably can´t put them on the map in a second. The circle road around the island takes only one hour drive with a car. On the way, you can eat a fresh coconut, bite in a raw tuna, jump into the warm sea, say “kia orana” about a 100 times, buy a colourful pareo and send your grandma the most beautiful postcard there is. In our case, you also get to know where they have the coldest beer, the best coffee, the most amazing view and the most tasty passion fruit ice cream. Not to mention the hidden beaches. You buy the veggies at the market, wear flowers in your hair, drive on the left and meet loads of nice new friends over a BBQ at the back garden. We´re not alone here at all. Surrounded by friends. Old and new. Big and small. One last day today, before we move on again. We´ll miss everyone here. But we´ll see them soon again. It´s Fiji for us for the next 2 weeks or so!

What will we do and where will we go there? No clue. We don´t have anything booked and just a very rough plan of which places we want to see so we´ll just go with the wind. Feels so good to have this kind of freedom 🙂

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