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LAKE FUSINE, Italy | daytrip from Slovenia

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This week we are enjoying the beautiful mountains around Kranjska Gora in Slovenia and even if we are still not fit enough to do some proper hiking, we are not bored over here. There are lots of other options which require low fitness level. One of those is visiting the lakes in the area. So we were off over to the Italian side yesterday, to Laghi di Fusine lakes. As always, it was beautiful, especially on such a sunny Autumn day. More about it in this post.

izlet belopeska jezera zemljevid

THE 2 GLACIAL LAKES, Lakes Fusine (on Italian Laghi di Fusine), are located NEAR TARVISIO, close to SLOVENIAN – ITALIAN BORDER and make a great short trip from Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, as it is just a 20 minute car drive. You can also reach the lakes with a BICYCLE on Jure Robic cycling way from Slovenia over to Tarvisio. It is also possible to RENT ELECTRIC BICYCLES in KRANJSKA GORA, which makes this trip even easier. We came here yesterday with our car, because we wanted to visit some of the other spots in the area as well.


There are actually 2 LAKES. You can PARK THE CAR at the first one (alongside the road) or at the second one (bigger parking). Expect lots of people on the weekends and during high season especially in August. So come early, or come with a bicycle. Best time is during the week days. the WALK AROUND LOWER LAKE will take around 30minutes with short stops. Just a few more road curves from here and you reach the SECOND, UPPER LAKE.


Personally I like this one much better, mostly becaus ethe VIEWS ON THE MOUNTAINS are stunning here. One of the most known mountains you can spot here is MANGART – you can hike up in around 5 hours from here, but we´ve heard it´s quite a challenging hike.

THE WALKING PATH AROUND THE FIRST LAKE  is quite easy – there are sections of WOODEN PATHWAYS and sections where you walk on roots in the forest. We met a few families going with strollers but they had to carry them most of the time so I would recommend bringing a backpack/baby carrier if your kids are too small to walk on their own.

belopeska 2011

A friend who was here for the first time mentioned this place reminds him of Canada and I have to say he might be right, it does look a bit alike.

belopeska 20162

If walking around the lake isn´t enough, you can also RENT A SMALLER BOAT or one of the cottages take a CANOE ride or use the SUP.

There are 2 CABINS at the lake where you can get a BITE TO EAT, drink or have an ice cream. You can either catch sunrays in one of the terraces or hide in the shade – in any case, the views are stuninng and more than perfect for a lunch break. If you bring somethign from home, there are enough places along the lake as well.


Second, upper lake is somehow wilder compared to the lower lake. It has its charms, but I still preffer the first one. Otherwise, you can walk around the lake as well, there are some great more remote spots for a PICNIC. The PARKING here is bigger as well and there is a larger MEADOW closeby.

This is a GREAT TRIP FROM KRANJSKA GORA and central SLOVENIA. If you have a FULL DAY, you can start your trip by visiting ZELENCI NATURAL RESERVE, PLANICA ski jumps in Slovenia and TARVISIO in Italy and move on to lake LAGO DEL PREDIL for instance. From here, you can cross back to Slovenia at PREDIL and continue to SOCA VALLEY or head back to Kranjska Gora over VRSIC PASS. We´ll be back, next time in the winter time!


LAGHI DI FUSINE - Fusine lakes in Italy are maybe less known, but therefore not less beautiful. We love going there!

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