SINGAPORE WITH KIDS | 4 days with a 3-year old


Before coming to Singapore, I read it´s ONE OF THE MOST KID FRIENDLY BIG CITIES, there seemed to be so much to see and do with you children. Being a rising metropolis with many expats living there, I could imagine this was true, but despite everything read prior to our departure we were still surprised once we were there. There are so many GREEN AREAS, ADVENTURE PARKS, BEACH, SAFARIS, GARDENS and PLAYGROUNDS that you probably cannot see them all in a week. From our experience – this really is one of the few big cities in the world where your children might have more fun than you. And since it´s a great starting point for exploring other parts of Asia, it´s a perfect place to stop for a couple of days with your kids.

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We found great DIRECT OVER NIGHT FLIGHTS to Singapore from Frankfurt, which made the travelling part a bit easier. After spending some days in SINGAPORE we flew on to BALI, INDONESIA. Lu did have a bit of a JET LAG, which made him tired on the first two days, but then it was all back to normal. It´s better NOT TO PLAN TOO MUCH ACTIVITIES FOR THE FIRST DAY. If your children are still small enough to use STROLLERS– bring one with. The roads and pathways are in perfect shape. As the centre, where all the major attractions are, is not soooo big – you can access basically everything on foot. Having a stroller can be a big help at walking around. We did not have one, because Lu is not a fan of those for quite some time now. So we walked, and when he was too tired to walk, we used the MRT TRAIN system, which is super easy.


There are many HOTEL rooms that DO NOT HAVE WINDOWS. If you are travelling with kids, I would recommend paying some extra dollars to have the window – then it´s at least clear to everybody when the morning comes. The rooms will most probably be small, and there is no space for extra beds, so if you don´t wish to share your bed with your little one(s), book a triple room. It´s a good idea to find a hotel which is close to some RESTAURANTS and a MRT train STATION so that you don´t have to walk to far in the evenings, especially if you are not bringing the stroller with.


If your hotel is in the centre, you can reach many sights by WALKING, if you are bringing a STROLLER this will be easier, as the walkways are ideal for strollers. When the feet get tired, hop on the MRT TRAIN, it´s very easy to use it and not expensive. Children bigger than 90 cm have to pay for a ticket. You can also use the BUMBOATS as WATER TAXIS.


There are so MANY DIFFERENT THINGS you can eat, it´s like paradise. Your kids may not be so impressed by the LOCAL SPECIALITIES – but in that case, it´s pretty easy to get a bowl of pasta, French fries or similar. Luckily, our is a big fan of fish, so we had no problems. You can always order an extra bowl of rice, which is cheap and filling. Eating in FOOD COURTS is a good option if you have different tastes, everyone can get what he wants there. It´s also OK to drink TAP WATER. SNACKS, drinks and ice cream is easy to get in SMALLER SHOPS.

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THE FIRST DAY after our BREAKFAST we took the BUMBOAT trip on the river, which Lu also found interesting + he liked the wind :). Later on we walked by the river and Lu greeted every sculpture he came across.

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It can get extremely HOT in the city, so it can be difficult on the little ones – don´t expect they will run around like crazy in the hottest day hours. Luckily, there are many other options what you can do when it gets hot. The most extreme one is for sure, the SNOW CITY, where you can go indoor skiing. For a quick swim in the sea, there are some BEACHES around – if you want some other activities, head to SENTOSA ISLAND. There are also UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, DOLPHIN LAGOON, UNDERWATER WORLD, AQUARIUM, MARINE LIFE PARK, TRIVK EYE MUSEUM, WAVE HOUSE, FORT SILOSO, INDOOR SKYDIVE.

To reach Sentosa island you can use the SKYLINE or WALK OVER A BRIDGE, which has nice lookouts. The path over the bridge is covered with a roof, so you do not get wet in chance of rain. There is also a moving walkway for tired feet.

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There are a few nice BEACHES ON SENTOSA, with big playgrounds and even a hanging bridge, which is always fun for the kids. Probably I do not have to mention, that also here everything is extremely clean.

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Besides Sentosa, the next great place for the KIDS is the GARDENS BY THE BAY. Go there in the afternoon and head to the Far East Organisation Children´s Garden (it closes before it gets dark). It´s a beautiful garden with WATER PLAYGROUNDS.

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When the sun goes down, go back to the SUPERTREES and watch the changing lights – if you are already feeling tired, you can lay down, the view of the stars and the trees is amazing.

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If your kids are already a bit older you can also take them to the NIGHT SAFARI (observe the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat), SCIENCE CENTRE (museum with interactive exhibitions), SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE (where you learn about Singapore´s history) or the BATTLE BOX (where you explore the bunkers made in the WWII). CHINATOWN is interesting for everyone –  grab a bite to eat or just observe the everyday life.

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As you see, there is TONS TO DO WITH KIDS IN SINGAPORE, so if you are not time limited, you might want to consider spending a few extra days. Besides all the attractions listed in guidebooks, we stumbled upon some nice parks, playgrounds and public play spaces just by walking around. And of course, we made many nice pictures with tropical flowers for the grandmothers 😉

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