SEYCHELLES | La Digue, Praslin & Mahe islands in 8 days


After quite a long break from a tropical beach we were finally off to one this April. To Seychelles. This time it was the 3 of us again. In 8 days we visited La Digue and Praslin island and had one full day on Mahe island before we flew back. The warm temperatures and the hot sun were just what we needed after this cold and grey winter. Read more about some practical advice on how we travelled and what we´ve seen in a new post.

travel map Seychelles


We flew to MAHE from FRANKFURT with a short stopover in DOHA, with QATAR airways. We paid around 650€ for the tickets, per person. We landed in the early morning and decided to continue our journey onwards to the smallest and calmest island of the three, LA DIGUE. Just perfect for a few relaxing days to get us into the holiday mode. We took a TAXI to the main town VICTORIA, where we boarded a FAST BOAT to PRASLIN, then changed to another boat which took us to LA DIGUE. We made those reservations back home already. 4 days later we returned to PRASLIN with the same boat and 4 days after that flew back to MAHE with a miniature AIRPLANE. The flight price was about the same as the boat price (around 60€ per person, one way). Our flight to Doha was late in the evening, leaving us with a full day on MAHE.

mini letalo z otoka praslin na otok mahe

Miniature airplane from Praslin to Mahe

On LA DIGUE we rented BICYCLES (8€ a day) and circled the island, on PRASLIN we took the TAXI one time and explored the island on LOCAL BUSES the rest of the time. We also did one day BOAT TRIP to the neighbouring islands of St. PIERRE and CURIEUSE.

Kolesarjenje po otoku La Digue

Cycling around La Digue island


On LA DIGUE we rented a HOUSE for 4 persons via Airbnb – with 2 bedroom, a big living room, bathroom, kitchen, big outside terrace and a garden for around 120€ a night. On PRASLIN we stayed at a bigger house in a ROOM WITH BREAKFAST. And we had a nice pool, for about the same price as on La Digue.


If you are on a budget, the best way is to eat in the so-called TAKE AWAY RESTAURANTS. You can get a meal with a drink for around 10€ there. If you have a kitchen, you can also cook yourself, there are supermarkets everywhere, so it is easy to buy food. And of course, you can dine at more expensive restaurants. We usually had a snack in a Take Away place during the day and went to a restaurant in the evening. With sooo many yummy seafood specialities, we did not look at the prices and decided we just want to enjoy the holiday. And yes, we sometimes had a bottle of wine and a cocktail with the dinner. Dinner with 3 meals including a started and desert was usually between 100 and 150€. Not cheap at all, but hey, it may be our only time on the Seychelles.

Otherwise, CREOLE FOOD is the way to go. Being a seafood lover, I loved the OCTOPUS CURRY, which is famous here and everything containing coconut and chilli. It is also a paradise for all FRUIT lovers, we liked the FRESH COCONUTS especially.


Seychelles are really close to the EQUATOR so the sun is really strong – make sure you have sunscreen and take some UV protected clothes for children. You can drink TAP WATER which is really convenient. The official languages are Creole, French and English. The sun sets between 6 and 7PM, so a torch or a head light might come in handy for evening walks. In general, everything is very well organised, clean and safe. There are also no DANGEROUS ANIMALS. Sadly, the CORAL REEF is pretty damaged so while you can still see lots of colourful fish underwater, you might not be blown away by the corals. Seychelles are known for a special kind of palm tree called COCO DE MER and the GIANT TURTLES.

Želve velikanke, otok LAaDigue, Sejšeli

Giant turtles on La Digue


Seychelles is a great place for children. If you live in Europe the way down there might be a bit long, but on the other hand the time change is minimal so the jet-lag will not be a problem. We found little shops selling snacks everywhere, there are also different kinds of restaurants everywhere so everyone finds something they like to eat. We had no problems renting a kids bicycle on La Digue, if you have smaller kids you can also rent just the seat. The paths on LA Digue were surprisingly steep sometimes though, so we had to push the bicycle here and there. The beaches are perfect and you always find a piece of shade.

Lu na eni izmed plaž na otoku Praslin

Lu on one of Praslin´s beast beaches


Noooo, not at all. I admit, I always thought Seychelles were the ultimate honeymooners destination. I thought it is so expensive that you can only afford it on a honeymoon. But it is really not like this. We met all sorts of people travelling, families, couples, old, young and even backpackers (although very little, still). It can be done for a lot less money than you might think.

Priprave na poroko, La Digue, Sejšeli

Getting ready for a ceremony, La Digue

LA DIGUE ISLAND, Seychelles | things to see and do on one of the best small islands in the world

We spent our first 4 DAYS on this tiny island where except taxis and delivery cars, car traffic is not allowed. This makes it perfect for walking and most of all, CYCLING. The island is so small, you can basically cycle all the roads in just one day. We stayed at the western part of the island, close to a beach and Veuve nature reserve. We loved the GRANDE ANSE and PETITE ANSE beaches the most.

Skakanje v valove na plaži Petite Anse, La Digue

Jumping into the waves, Petite Anse beach, La Digue

On the north-eastern part we visited the beaches PATATES, GAULETTES, GROSSE ROCHE, BANANE and FOURMIS. Of yourse we didn´t leave out a visit to the beautiful L´UNION ESTATE FARM with its VANILLA PLANTATIONS and the famous ANSE SOURCE D´ARGENT beach. We also walked into town in the mornings to pay a visit to the LOCAL MARKET at LA PASSE town. Going around with a bicycle is really perfect here, the island is so small that you really do not have to make a plan on where to go, you just go and you stop where you want. Perfect.

utrinki z otoka La Digue

beach moments from La Digue


PRASLIN ISLAND, Seychelles | things to see and do, best beaches, surrounding islands and national parks

Praslin is much bigger than La Digue. We decided not to RENT A CAR and explore the island on the back of a bumpy LOCAL BUS instead. Tickets cost only 0,5€ per ride, so that is very convenient and overall it is a funny experience. Again, we spent the most of our time on the beach, but we did of course visit the VALLEE DE MAI NATIONAL PARK which is also on the UNESCO list.

Plaža Anse Lazio, otok Praslin

Anse Lazio beach, Praslin island

We found ANSE LAZIO to be the nicest beach here, unfortunately we had to cancel walking through the beautiful LEMURIA RESORT to ANSE GEORGETTE beach. We did see the beach the next day from a boat trip to St.PIERRE and CURIEUSE islands, where we have encountered the GIANT TURTLES form up close.

utrinki z otoka Praslin, Sejšeli

beach moments from Praslin


MAHE ISLAND, Seychelles | things to see and do on the main island in just one day

Just one day on MAHE was about enough to get the first impressions. Leaving the airport, we made our first stop at the beautiful BOTANICAL GARDENS and walked around VICTORIA TOWN afterwards. As it was Sunday, there was an especially big market today and this is also where we have spent a lot of time. Victoria is actually quite a busy little town with lots of shops. We drove along the coast up north all the way to the touristy area of BEAU VALLON, over the MORNE NATIONAL PARK where we admired the TEA PLANTATIONS and back to the AIRPORT.

otok Mahe, Sejšeli

Mahe island, Seychelles


As we just had 8 days in total, I believe we made the best out of it. La Digue was perfect for the beginning because we really needed to disconnect from jobs and school. On Praslin we were full of new energy again and ready to explore and the last day on Mahe was great as well. If we had more time, we would have done more boat trips to the small neighbouring islands around La Digue, spent a couple of nights on Mahe and visited the Silhouette island as well.

Seychelles are beautiful. We have seen amazing beaches elsewhere, but these here are something special, due to these wonderful giant granite rocks. We returned home full of new energy and lots of new memories on this small country in the middle of the Indian ocean.


Seychelles La Digue Mahe Praslin islands in 8 days family holidays

8 days in the Seychelles La Digue Praslin Mahe family holiday

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    I have always wanted to go to Seychelles but always imagined that it was a honeymoon destination. It’s good to know that I can visit and have a great time alone as well. The scenery looks so dreamy!

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