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BAMBERG, Germany | weekend city trip

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Bamberg, a lovely picturesque town, situated somewhere between Nürnberg and Würzburg is a great place to visit for a weekend or for a stop while travelling around Germany. The city is also on the list of UNESCO´s World Heritage, for good reasons. You can visit in all months of the year – this time, we spent a nice Autumn sunny weekend here. More about what there is to see and do in this post.

The OLD TOWN, which is the most interesting, is not too big and it is easy to walk between the sights. We recommend spending 2 days, so that you experience te city in the evening and tight time as well. The LIVELY ATMOSPHERE is great over here. We stayed in a rented apartment in the old city center, which was a great starting point. Our car was parked outside the old city in a SECURED PARKING LOT. If you come just for the day or a few hours, there are also some GARAGES very close to the old town. We found Bamberg to be FAMILY / VHILD FRIENDLY CITY as well.


The old town hall is the most recognizable features of Bamberg, we find its image on most of the city´s postcards and brochures for tourists, so we were headed there first. This gorgeous building, decorated by FRESCOS on one side, is built on a small artificial island on the RIVER REGNITZ. You can access it only on foot by one of the two bridges, from both sides of the river banks.

One of the most beautiful VIEWS ON THE BUILDING is from the neighbouring bridge GEYERSWÖRTHSTEG, so you should definitely head over to it if you want a nice photo. In all the past centuries, this building has undergone quite some changes and was renovated in different architectural styles – from Gothic to Baroque and Rococo. Today, we can also admire a part with timberwood facade, built in traditional German FACHWERK STYLE. Inside there is a beautiful ROCOCO HALL and a PORCELAIN COLLECTION.

Bamberg altes rathaus


This FORMER FISHERMEN´S HOUSES area on the left river banks is today known to be the LITTLE VENICE of Bamberg. Gorgeous ROW HOUSES with facades, flowers and gardens are dotted along river Regnitz and are best to see from the other side of the river. If you are looking for a nice place for a walk with a view, head out to AM LEINRITT street. This area is nice to see also from a boat.


This impressive CATHEDRAL WITH 4 TOWERS, constructed in 1012 is definitely one of the must see buildings in Bamberg. Occasionaly there are concerts inside, otherwise there is a 6€ ENTRY FEE.

bamberg katedrala nemcija


This massive PALACE built in 17th Century is the neighbour of the Cathedral on one of the city´s seven hills. Inside, you can check out its CHAMBERS, WALL PAINTINGS and TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS. It is easy to go around on your own, but they also have GUIDED TOURS.


This Renaissance garden, which has undergone a Baroque reconstruction, is home to around 4500 ROSES today and is a part of the NEUE RESIDENZ CASTLE. Unfortunately we didn´t get to see the blooming roses, but if you are there in Spring time it must be beatiful. Nevertheless, it was worth coming here for the VIEWS ON THE CITY BELOW.


This FORMER BENEDICTINE MONASTERY is situated on one of the city´s 7 HILLS, not too far from the cathedral. If we take a walk from the cathedral, we also pass by the monastery´s VINEYARDS and are rewarded with a nice view on the top. It was still being renovated at the time of our visit, but it looked like it will have lots to offer for the visitors in the future.


Great architecture, interesting details on facades, lively bars and restaurants everywhere, breweries, narrow streets, lovely shops, museums, bridges, river Regnitz and everything else make this part of Bamberg a visitors paradise. Here are just a few impressions.

bamberg Biergarten


Bamberg is more of a MEATLOVER´S PARADISE, with large portions and meals which usually keep you full for several hours after. Some of the LOCAL SPECIALITIES include a SCHÄUFERLA (pork meat usually accompanied with a dumpling), RAUCHBIERHAXE (pork meat cooked in smoked beer), KRAUTBRATEN (meat served with Sauerkraut cabbage), BLAUE ZIPFEL (a local sausage), HÖRNLA (a local potato, but also a croissant), GRILLED FILLED ONIONS, different kinds of SOUPS, in Spring time also ASPARAGUS. And of course lots of different BEERS. The most known being the SMOKED BEER, which has a very strong taste but it is worth to at least try a glass. There are less options for VEGETARIANS, but you can find FISH MEALS as well.

Bamberg food


One of the most famous shops around here, Käthe Wohlfahrt, with its seat in the beautiful town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, is a must for everyone who loves CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. You can buy them all year around and I´m sure you will find somehting original. Great for everyone searching for a slghtly different present or souvenir.

Käthe Wohlfahrt Bamberg


At the end of our 2-DAY VISIT TO BAMBERG we stopped in this large green area at the tip of ERBA ISLAND. Here, we found great WALKING PATHS and a wonderful big PLAYGROUND which was perfect for Lu to stretch the legs before the long drive back home. There is also a cute CAFE nearby. A great place to visit if you are on a family visit with kids.


To conclude – Bamberg is one of those German towns that you maybe never herad anything about, but it will pleasantly surprise you at the end. As much as I don´t enjoy living in Germany anymore, I have to admit, there are quite some nice corners and place sin this country.


Bamberg Germany what to see and do

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