SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC | 3 weeks road trip from Johannesburg to Capetown


OUR FIRST TIME IN AFRICA.  We were all excited about seeing the WILDLIFE for the very first time. The country is so big and has so much to offer, that it was hard to decide where we all want to go and what we all want to do, even though we had 3 weeks time. We RENTED A CAR IN JOHANNESBURG, visited KRUGER NP, spent some days in SWAZILAND, continued the road trip to DURBAN and along the coast to OUDTSHOORN and finally ended up in CAPE TOWN, where we caught our flight back home. We saw the big 5, the penguins, amazing coastline, big cities with modern fancy buildings, but also walked the streets in the less developed TOWNSHIPS, took a look at N. MANDELA´S PRISON CELL, we tasted delicious WINES, danced with the ZULU, observed OSTRICH being hatched and said “hello” to the LOCAL KIDS for about a million times. Over all we had an awesome cultural experience!

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ESWATINI (SWAZILAND) | short north to south trip as a part of a longer SA road trip

Katja SWAZILAND Leave a Comment

 This tiny sovereign state in Southern Africa is ONE OF THE SMALLEST ON THE CONTINENT. 200 km north to south and 130 east to west it is easily discovered in a short period of time, but even though it is small, it is still diverse. I have to admit, we visited it because we were on our South African trip and in the near anyway, so we thought lets drive through, not knowing what to expect really. The small developing country is an absolute monarchy, ruled by the KING MSWATI III. The local population are struggling with major health issues, mostly HIV/AIDS, so that the life expectancy is at 50 years of age.

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