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She is finally here, our little Mila! Soon, we´ll blow the first candle on the mini cake. Celebrating monthly baby anniversaries might have seemed slightly ridiculous to me before, but right now I think it´s just fantastic. What I find less fantastic though, is the fact that it´s already 4 weeks since we drove to the hospital. It´s about time I write something about the past month.

Little missy took her time, despite the false alarms somewhere around pregnancy week 33 and arrived with a 4 days delay in the end. For a moment we thought she will come in April, a few weeks later I was relieved she´s going to be a May baby after all but then in the end it was already June on the calendar. The last weeks were really long and we were excitingly anticipating her arrival day after day while replying to all those “is she there yet” messages from friends and family.

That Wednesday night we were watching a random movie on Netflix, just like we did the last few days, with minimal interest. I was having minor irregular contractions the past weeks therefore it didn´t surprise me when they occurred that evening as well. Yet, something told me to check the clock and silently count the minutes between them, you know, just in case. I didn´t want to go to the hospital too early though since I knew fathers were only allowed to join in at the end, due to the still ´quite strict Covid restrictions over here in Germany.

I casually mention that they are somehow stronger this time. Soon, both of us were watching the clock on the wall instead of the laptop screen. It seems to me that the contractions are at every 7-8 minutes. Charlie was convinced they were every 3 minutes. I managed to persuade him that we stay home for a while longer. Finally I gave up and was ready to go. Car seat for Mila. Hospital bag for mom. Masks. Lets go. I was excited that it’s finally happening. He was calm, cool and collected as usual. But he did drive rather fast on the way to the hospital.

We park the car. I convince him to stay a little bit longer in the car. Just one or two contractions more, then I go. A while later were were disinfecting our hands and filing out contact forms at the reception. With masks. And contractions. Because Covid. We kiss goodbye with the masks. It is almost midnight. Shit, 2.6.2021 would have been a nice date, but I´m not sure I can pop the baby out in the next 15 minutes, I think to myself. Right, 3rd of June sounds nice too. He returns back to the car while I take the lift up tot he 3rd floor.

First, I undergo three Covid tests. A stick in the nose, a stick in the mouth, new stick in the nose. I ask if I can put the mask down now because it rather bothers me during contractions. And it’s hot too. It is still around 25C outside on this unusually hot day. And yes, German maternity hospitals don’t have air conditioning either. So, I am allowed to take the mask off, but only when I’m alone in the room. The nurse connects me to the ctg machine and the doctor examines me. Only 3cm. Urgh that can take a while longer before we´re finished. I knew I could still watch the movie to the end back home. Oh well, now we are where we are. The very friendly midwife turns on the radio and rushes off to other delivery rooms. It was a very busy night at the maternity ward and the other three women were noticeably louder than me at that moment. I am left alone and try to mentally distract myself from the pain by dreaming about what life will be like when our baby comes. After about an hour the doctor returns to examine me again. She excitingly shouts I´m already at 8cm now and I should call my husband asap! I wanted to correct her that technically he is not my husband yet, but I realize there’s no time to explain our rather interesting love story. I call the husband“. Accidentally with the camera turned on. When I see myself in that little square on the screen I don´t like what I see. But there is no time for beauty corrections. Three minutes later he is already holding my hand. Still right there, in the waiting room. Because the delivery rooms are occupied.

Finally together. I was not specifically nervous before, but I am even calmer now that he is here. Because he is always so cool. Still, I can´t help myself but shout I would very much like an epidural now. The doctor replies with the same answer as the first time I asked for it, like a minute ago. There is no more time for painkillers. About an hour later we hold her in our arms. She is warm, calm and has loads of hair. Her name, which means “gracious” in my language, fits her completely. We fall in love. And are massively grateful for this amazing experience and for this gorgeous baby girl.

A couple more hours together and daddy has to go home. Mila and me are off to the ward where it’s even hotter. She is sleeping like an angel and I can´t stop staring at her. The day goes by so fast and we can go home after just one night at the hospital. Because there is more peace at home and Charlie´s food is way better than the hospital meals.

In the first month with Mila we managed to survive two heat waves, went on a couple of walks, did a few friends visits and even for the first time after 9 long months for us and first time ever for her, we had a beer in a bar. A non-alcoholic one for me, but better than nothing. We also got visits. From Slovenia. And from France too. Fortunately, measures regarding tests, quarantines and border crossings have been eased just shortly before.

I wish we would have gone somewhere further, but we can’t just yet. Because even after almost a month we still do not have her birth certificate nor any other documents. Way to go Germany. A foreigner is always a foreigner. So this paperwork doesn’t go exactly as planned and we just have to wait it out. Obviously, we will have to be more spontaneous this year as well, while making a plan B, C and maybe even D. I know that the most important thing is that we are healthy, but I´m kind of fed up of using the stayhome hashtag to be honest.

What about travel? And the blog? Those of you who have been following me for a longer time now can probably imagine that I can’t wait to go somewhere. I guess everything is possible, even with a baby, so we surely don´t plan to sit at home for too long and we´re ready to go as soon as we finally sort out the bureaucratic matters. There will also be time for writing since Mila is luckily quite a calm baby. The blog remains primarily about travel, with occasional more personal posts like this one here and there. Otherwise, we don´t want to expose her too much on social media. You’re used to that now, since I did the same with Lu and I see that the vast majority of you don’t mind. Stay tuned for more soon!

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