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Kat and Lu. Mom and son. One is a 30+ Slovenian born passionate wanderer and wine lover. The other one is a 7-year old school boy, currently obsessed with soccer. Traveling independently, we don’t do animal theme parks, love the beach, nature hikes and bustling street life. And yes, sometimes we want to pull each other´s hair out, but most of the time we are best friends and travel buddies. Based in northern Germany for the last 8 years.

Expensive, dangerous, impossible?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with not travelling with your kids. People are different. And that´s a good thing. But if you loved to travel before you had kids, there is no reason to give it all up now. You can always find an excuse not to go, but trust me, it can all be done. It can be done as a single mom too. And I´m by far not the only one doing it. Is it expensive? Sure, you are not paying just for yourselves anymore. Dangerous? Statistically, the most accidents happen at home. Impossible? Nope.

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